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In brief

MrH picks my underwear each day and Fridays I’m not allowed to wear panties (unless otherwise instructed).

This week I was told to wear panties as it was cold. 6 months ago I would have argued. Yesterday I simply said “Yes Sir.”

But it felt strange. I was aware of them all day, and it’s not like I don’t wear them every other day!

Now as soon as I can after work I strip off and pull on a pair of pyjamas. I generally ditch my bra and panties at the same time and on a weekend if we’re not going out I spend all day in my pyjamas (this is mainly during winter I should add) and MrH will be in his “comfy clothes” essentially a T-shirt, jumper/hoodie and lounge pants (otherwise known as pyjama bottoms), so I’m not dressed inappropriately.

But, I got to thinking today, when did we stop wearing actual clothes?

When the boys were young we would be in jeans during the day, or perhaps jogging trousers. But we certainly wouldn’t have been in our pyjamas all day.

There has been a shift I suppose, in society as a whole, and “lounge wear” has become a thing so it’s almost as if it’s acceptable to be in your pyjamas all day. In fact wear We live we have seen people out shopping in night wear – I kid you not – nightdress, slippers and dressing gown!

This relaxed dress code has its advantages of course. You’re definitely comfortable, but, you’re not really “sexy”.

Well my pink stripy pjs are definitely not sexy πŸ˜‚

There’s something about a man in jeans… well I like MrH in them, the feel of the denim under your hand, the sound of them being opened, the belt opening, the thud as they hit the floor.

Yes I like MrH in jeans. I also like to watch him taking them off. He manages to look graceful!

Me? Well my jeans are skinny jeans. I peel them off me, or MrH pulls them off as I fall over. Not sexy – maybe I should stop trying to be πŸ€”

Although MrH says I look good in them, I can’t pull off a sexy strip tease to get out of them!

I have all these sexy matching underwear, and MrH rarely sees it. If he’s still in the bedroom as I get dressed he might, but he’s not in the mood to appreciate it then. In a morning we are getting ready for work, time is at a premium.

At night I get ready for bed by going to get shaved and then when MrH comes up I’m naked in bed.

Pre D/s, pre pyjama days, pre bad back, I would have had my sexy undies on all day until we got undressed for bed, and we would have been in the bedroom together, giving MrH opportunity to observe and enjoy.

I can’t help thinking MrH is missing out.

I was hoping to be able to have a picture of a new set to accompany this post but they haven’t yet arrived 😑 so I’m afraid this image will have to do! MrH choice for today, and My boy cat getting in on the action!

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37 thoughts on “In brief”

        1. I have 3 pairs of briefs for each bra and the bras live hung on the back of the door so they can air dry between wears. That way they are worn a few times between washes but are kept fresh 😊

  1. We both work from home and some days all I do is get dressed so I can go for my run then I come home shower and put on a jumper and old leggings. I never wear a bra now unless we are going out somewhere, as a result they have become even more uncomfortable to me than they were before


  2. Beautiful image, lovely bra!

    You are right, there seems to have been a shift as in the past I too would never have thought about walking around in my pj’s all day, but now I have at least one pj day a week, which is absolutely lovely. Over here I haven’t seen anyone shopping in them though πŸ˜‰

    Rebel xox

  3. I too save my matching underwear for best, most of the time it’s just co-ordinated. You’ve showcased my favourite colour and you look spectacular in it. (and probably look just as good without – that’s a sexy secret to have some days)

  4. I’m a fan of lounge wear in winter, with wool and leather bottom cabin socks. I think it’s great you can wear an “extra” layer and be aware of the sexy inside even if nobody else actually sees them!

  5. Blue and black is one of my favorite color combinations, and in conjunction with such beautiful lace (another fav) upon your STUNNING skin, make for an irresistible image…Absolutely Lovely!!

  6. Very pretty set, indeed. And I totally get the pajama thing. On the weekend, I don’t get dressed unless I’m going out. I’ll even shower and put on clean pajamas or yoga clothes to wear for the day. Same with Mr. D. And the sexy undies have been put away in favor of more comfortable underthings. Sure, I pull them out if I’m looking to impress, but otherwise, comfort is the goal. Maybe that comes with age? And maybe you are right…maybe it’s all of society.

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