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I’m in every hole

The Kink of the Week prompt is double penetration, and I know most people who fantasise about it want two cocks (and men- or women with strapons) but that is not something I’ve ever wanted. But- I do love DP.

MrH has incorporated double or triple penetration into play a couple of times and I have really enjoyed it. A few years ago we made a clone of Sirs cock so Sir can in a way fuck me in both holes. I have fantasised about using a harness for the clone so he can DP me that way…. hmmmm I need a minute 😜

The first time he use the clone in my butt was quite something… he bent me over the bed and lubed me (thoroughly) he whispered in my ear “do you remember your safewords?” And I replied “yes”. He then slowly but firmly filled my arse with the clone. I did my best to open myself for him, and although there was some initial discomfort it passed quickly. He then put his cock in my pussy. I felt so full so owned. I climaxed quickly and deliciously. Sir then pulled out of my pussy, he got a glass dildo and pushed that into my hot cunt. I was far away in a very happy place.

MrH moved to my head and I have no idea how he logistically managed it, but he fucked my face and pumped the clone and dildo into me at the same time. I remember him saying “now I’m in every hole – you are mine!” and I came again. He groaned came in my mouth and I drank him greedily.

It was amazing. It was intense. I would love to repeat the experience.

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9 thoughts on “I’m in every hole”

    1. It really, really, was!! Although MrH says it took some doing lol .. I had my eyes closed so I couldn’t tell you how it looked 😂😂 but I would love to do it again 😊 and again…

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