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I want …. more of that

Our boy went out.

“Are you going to go and get shaved?” MrH asked.

This was something we had talked about on Thursday. How a routine can become so set that it places road blocks to fun. What do I mean?

Well, it has become normal that every night at 7pm, I go and get ready for bed. I shave as MrH likes, and I have a quick bath, shower or wash. I run a bath for MrH and I get into bed. MrH has his bath then joins me in bed. We watch TV, snuggle, watch YouTube videos, or chat online until 10pm then we go to sleep.

Sometimes MrH might get the cane out at half past 9.

Sometimes at at 10pm we will play.

On Thursday as we were chatting MrH said he felt he might need to stop having a bath as he gets out of it sleepy and he just doesn’t have the motivation to play.

We also discussed how we don’t play as much at home as we did in the beginning. Now some of that is due to the frenzy period being over. But mostly it’s because we have got into a routine.

We talked about how, when we go to the hotels we don’t make the most of it either.

There are a few activities we struggle to do at home. Spanking, for example, because the one time we tried our son came to investigate the sound. Flogging, is another, as MrH needs space to swing the floggers and at present there are still obstacles in the bedroom.

We don’t take pictures when we are away either. Which we have talked about and planned to do a few times but just haven’t. In fact our hotel nights have also become quite routine. We arrive we play. We eat. We follow our home routine (baths etc) then we sleep. In the beginning we would play, take pics, eat, do rope work, play then sleep. Not necessarily in that order but you get the idea, we would do a few things.

This year we would like to have a few bike breaks. We want to ride more and further. Our trip to Scotland was an eye opener for MrH. I went with some friends 4 years ago, so I know how gruelling a journey it is. But he said afterwards, he wouldn’t have liked to have done it in a day on the bikes. And, before we make a trip like that we both need to get more time bum on seat to be used to long distance riding. So we will be tabling plans for a Scotland tour until 2020, in favour of a number of days out and a few overnight long rides. All that will cost money, and as we haven’t yet won the lottery, we don’t have an infinite amount of cash. Our house also needs some work doing and the garden desperately needs attention. That being the case we need to address what we most need to spend money on. Hotel stays are lovely but the nice one is expensive.

So, we talked about shaking things up. Changing the routine and maybe that will give us more play opportunities at home. It was a damn good chat.

On the way to work on Friday I realised that MrH hadn’t told me what he wanted to do more of, and so I asked.

“That’s not a conversation for the car,” was his reply. That I figured meant it would likely distract me from driving, so I decided I would ask again later.

When he issued the instruction to go get shaved I thought, I wonder if Sir plans to play, but didn’t want to get my hopes up. I asked if he wanted me to run his bath. “No,” he replied. I still tried to keep a lid on my excitement.

I finished getting ready and went into the bedroom. MrH was there already. The TV was on. But as I went to get into bed he stood and started to roll the quilt back out of the way. He placed the mat on the bed and some toys at the side where he could reach them. The new clit stim, the two glass dildos and the clone. He also got the squealer out. He turned the TV off and said, pop some music on. I did as I was told.

“Lay in the middle of the bed.”

I did.

“Arms out.”

I placed my arms wide.

“Spread your legs.”

I did, feeling self conscious.

“I do like this,” he said. He had the squealer in his hand. He slapped my legs making me jump. He slapped my breasts lightly making me gasp.

Leaning in closely he said, “do you remember your safewords?”

“Yes Sir,” I replied.

I was kissed, teased and used. My body shaking uncontrollably as waves of pleasure shook me. He let me drop before taking me back to the same point. My body convulsing around whatever toy he had inserted into me, and he used my mouth, his cock thrusting into me, allowing me to feel how hard he was, how much he was enjoying it too.

After I don’t know how long he let me come back down, gather a little thought.

He was touching my clit and I wanted to feel him inside me. I wiggled a little hoping he would dip his finger inside me but he didn’t. I decided to (after a lot of mental bolstering) to ask.

“Sir…. will you put your finger inside me?”

He did. Slowly siding into me.

“Just one?” He asked, “or two?” I didn’t answer. I couldn’t as he put two fingers into me. Catching the sweet spot as he did.

He continued taking to me as he teased and stroked me. Then he asked me, “do you want to feel my cock inside you?”


“Well I think we’ll wait until you’re aching for it. And when you tell me you’re aching for Sirs cock, then you’ll get it.”

No– my mind shied away from this, telling him that. Saying it out loud. He was touching me, stroking, taking me to the edge, where he knew I wanted to feel him in me. Of course, he won, I gave in.


“Please what?”

“Please Sir … I’m aching for your cock inside me”

He moved quickly. Pulled me apart, and thrust into me. My body melted. He held me firmly and I looked up into his face. He caught my eyes and I wanted to look away, but didn’t. The desire, the need, the passion, the pleasure in his face held me. I couldn’t speak.

A final orgasm ripped through me leaving me giddy. I mean really giddy.

MrH pulled a funny face at me and I collapsed into hysterical giggles. He placed a towel between my legs smiling at me.

“A lesser man would be bothered by this” he remarked smiling.

After the giggles had subsided, and we cuddled, I asked, him again what he wanted to do more of.

“That,” he replied. “More rope work too.”

I smiled, and thought. That sounds perfect.

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4 thoughts on “I want …. more of that”

    1. The boy doesn’t need to go out for us to have fun like that…. he has headphones and he spends most of his life online with friends chatting and shouting loudly.

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