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I wanna be..

In my earliest recollections when I was asked “what do you want to be when you grow up?” I would answer “a mum.” I would play games in the playground pretending to push a pram (it was invisible) with my friends who were all pushing their prams too.

When I got a little older, my mum gave me some Mills & Boon books to read. She liked medical romances and I soon decided I wanted to be “a nurse.” There was a slight flaw in this plan. I tend to faint at the sight of blood.

In the background I still just wanted to be a mother. So when I fell pregnant I was happy. I devoted myself to being a mum. I wanted him to feel safe and secure. To know he could do anything he wanted and I would be there cheering him on, ready to pick him up if he fell. I think I did ok on that one.

As for a “job” at 21 I still had no idea so I went to college and studied Business and Finance. I met MrH there and fell in love. I can honestly say that in my life I have been in love once. I thought I was in love with my first husband – but looking back, it wasn’t love.

I fell into the career I have now by accident and it’s proven to be very fulfilling so far, but as I have grown up I have realised something very important..

When we ask our children what do you want to be when you grow up and we expect them to give us a job, we are asking the wrong question.

I never knew what career I wanted and more importantly that doesn’t matter. A job is what pays your bills. A job contributes to your overall life experience but it doesn’t make it.

What we really should be encouraging our children to think about is what will make them happy and content. What things will make your life extraordinary? Where will you find joy and what do you need to do to make that possible?

A job will be necessary, things aren’t free after all, but the things that will make your life worthwhile are the things you have outside of your work life.

I like to ride a motorcycle.

I like to explore old houses.

I love to be with MrH.

I am content walking on a beach holding Sirs hand and paddling in the water.

I have everything I need, right here, right now. Sure, more money would mean I can do more of the things I love, with the man I love, but I am happy with my life as it is. All I want from my life is to grow old with MrH.

So I guess that to answer the prompt, when I grow up I want to be….. healthy, happy and in love.

8 thoughts on “I wanna be..”

  1. It’s an awful question to ask a child. It harks back to the days when a boy was expected to go into the same trade as his father, or have a very good reason to want to do something different. And girls weren’t expected to have ambition.

    As I read this post I got a feeling of your contentment from it that’s rather beautiful.

    melody xx

  2. I love this post SO MUCH! I remember when he was very little (he’s 7 now) my little boy had a fascination with bin trucks and happily told everyone he met he wanted to be a bin man when he was big.The amount of times people told him, ‘oh no you want a better job than that, doesn’t he mummy?’ and I’d always reply with, ‘So long as he’s happy his job doesn’t matter to me’, Also I love the people who collect my bin, so I wasn’t as down on that idea as people expected! My love of refuse collection aside though, you absolutely nailed the thoughts I have in relation to my own life and my little ones. Happiness, health and love truly do make life wonderful x

    1. That’s a brilliant story …. It should be a children’s show “Ben the Bin Man” (not pc I know but the alliteration works) do hate the way people shy away from their children having manual jobs…. they are an essential part of living and as you say if they are happy who cares?!?

  3. This was very sweet and loving! Something we would all hope to be one day. My son does the opposite, he doesn’t wait for anyone to ask he just says what he feels. He loved the garbage truck because it was big and loud, so one day he wanted to be a garbage collector. The next day he sees a house being built and he wants to be an architect. I’ll let his imagination run wild and tell him I just want him to know he is loved and to be happy.

  4. Your last line says it all – health happiness and love – and u are so right regarding “when i grow up” question we pose to kids – it should be regarding things they want to experience – great post Sweetgirl x

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