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I hear you,even when you’re silent

Your body tells me what you need.

Your eyes reveal your thoughts.

No secrets exist between us.

I know you.

As I am yours, you are mine.

And I love you.

I’m presently in hospital. It makes me think and write soppy things. I miss MrH so much. I hate being around so many people. It’s noisy and busy. I couldn’t sleep well because of the other patients.

There’s no sign of cauda equina so that’s good. On the down side they don’t know why I can’t feel properly. So they have scanned my whole spine today.

I may be discharged today.

I may not. Depends how long it takes for the physiotherapist to see me and for the scan to be reviewed by the Spinal Specialists at Salford.

Time will tell.

Thank you to everyone who has sent me well wishes.

Update…. this failed to post when I tried and I am now home.

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