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Gone live

I have spent the last week or so working on a new design for the website and today it went live. If you are new here you will not notice any difference, but if you have been here before you will see a couple of differences. As with many things, viewing the site on a computer will give you the best experience but the effects are still visible on a mobile or tablet. This project has kept me occupied while the doctors have come up with a plan for managing the pain I am in until the consultants have sorted out what they are doing.

Their plan has me changing from taking 4 different pain killers each day to just 2 at a stronger dose. Unfortunately this means I will be experiencing withdrawal from the old ones, as well as everything else. I hope therefore you will forgive me if I am absent a little longer, I am just not quite with it. In the meantime enjoy a picture of my boobs on the new live site!

Sweetgirl x

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5 thoughts on “Gone live”

  1. Oh nice…special effects..your new site looks like there is happening stuff with all the animations. Well done! One thing I noticed though is that under “Resources, clubs and wishlists” the links lead me back to your site. Not sure if it is just my browser or your website…maybe you can check? Also I love the tag line on your header…maybe because fuckery is such a fun word.
    a mental switch recently posted…Wicked Wednesday #401: Gratefulness and DisappointmentMy Profile

    1. oh thank you for letting me know I will go and check those links immediately! I mean, I’ll never get treated to secret knickers if the link doesn’t work! HAHAHA (as if)

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