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Go out already!!!!

Our youngest child is 19 and NEVER leaves the house on an evening…. Well OK that’s not quite true, he sometimes walks to the shop and back.  But what I mean is he doesn’t go out for a few hours. MrH and I don’t get any real alone time at home, at night to play where we can truly relax.

He was supposed to go out this weekend with friends. They planned it a month ago. He’s been doing jobs for family members (painting fences etc) to earn money to go and now none of his friends are willing to actually go. He’s disappointed. But he has no idea how disappointed his dad and I are.

I was a night where MrH can do as he pleases, where he doesn’t have to worry about the noises, and we can have fun in our own bed.

I’m not saying we don’t play at all because we do but it’s not the same when you have one ear out for the boy leaving his room. I know MrH doesn’t fully relax at home because of it as he’s told me so.

We’ve booked our favourite hotel in two weeks and that will be awesome…. but I was really looking forward to a no holding back, make as much noise as you like session, (perhaps with some spanking and/or caning, and/or rope bondage) a down and dirty thorough fuck this weekend and now with the child at home that’s off the cards 🙁

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19 thoughts on “Go out already!!!!”

  1. Have you thought about using a ball gag or incorporating the chance of discovery into the erotic tension? How about changes in how you dress to heighten your sexual availability, such as wearing no undergarments under a dress? Your husband could take you in a “quickie”. Sounds like a frustrating situation, but think of some “work arounds”.I applaud you for a commitment to a robust sex-filled marriage.

    1. We have plenty of “action” lol just Friday morning I was allowed to give Sir a blow job before we got up…. we can and do indulge in the occasional quickie it’s a relaxed opportunity to take our time without inhibitions

  2. Oh no! So upsetting 🙁 I have no idea about the availability there, but maybe a cabin or Air BNB? Something more private? I know it doesn’t help the frustration now, though. I’m sending some extrovert vibes your son’s way: “Oooouuuttt iiiss gooood. Gooo oouutt!”

    1. It must have worked lol he’s popped out to the pub and I’ve had a spanking 😊

      We go to hotels regularly for alone time we just want to be able to play and relax at home too…

  3. Oh that’s awful! Hopefully your son will find something he can do on his own to go out, without relying on friends (I can empathize with that too, I’ve had some flaky friends who changed/abandoned plans last minute).
    Maybe channel your frustrations into anticipation for your next hotel stay? *hug*

  4. Oh no, you were so looking forward to it. Jeez 19 and doesn’t go out much, some would say that’s great, but look at our E, out last night til 4am, out tonight after the footie. Trouble is I’m in so much pain, any play is out of the question.
    David has a point, dresses or skirts will no underwear does add some excitement. Ballgags no, you need to get it off quickly if he comes in. Wish we could put bells on the doors so you could hear them come down. E used to be really noisy coming downstairs, now you may hear the door open but that’s it.
    Least you’ve got your wkend away soon but Master would be concerned with noise in the hotel.
    Well I hope soon your son starts going out, no complaining he’s never home then lol
    Maybe you can enjoy a few silent orgasms with your Sir sat on the sofa together. If he walks in, your just sat together. It’s hard to have a silent internal orgasm but it’s also fun too. Hope you can enjoy something. Xxxxxxx

  5. He has gone out!!! And MrH has taken the opportunity to spank me thoroughly- unfortunately he’s now received a call from work that he has to attend to… maybe we will resume later …. or the morning 🤔

  6. Know exactly what you are going through. My 17 (almost 18) year old is the same. If he goes out it’s usually for ten minutes or less. I sometimes want to yell “get a life!!”

  7. I totally get this. We have children at home, ALL the time, and I really cannot wait for the day when it’s only the two of us, no matter how much I love my kids! I want to be able to walk around naked if I want to, to make a noise, to masturbate loudly during daytime, not to worry about the sounds of my toys, etc.
    I hear and feel you!

    Rebel xox

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