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Fabulous Friday

MrH decided to do some rope work this evening…

My torso was bound in a diamond pattern design and my arms and legs secured to the bed. MrH has about 80m of rope in 10m lengths… And I think he needs more… MrH also decided he needs to attach some rings to the bed frame.

As usual I was thoroughly relaxed and loved every minute of his rope work.

I can’t say I drifted into subspace as I think I have when we’ve been away, but I guess that’s because it’s a different environment and we’d already played so my mindset was already there… Also the TV was playing which is always a niggling distraction.

Having said that, after MrH undid all the ropes we cuddled for a little while before going to sleep. We both fell asleep quickly and soundly, which tells me that we were both nicely relaxed..

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4 thoughts on “Fabulous Friday”

    1. At the moment MrH just ties me up.. I love how it feels as he works around me, the rope is never so tight it cuts circulation but it’s tight enough that it’s comforting like your body is being hugged all over… That’s been enough after a play session to send me back into subspace. I suspect that at some point MrH will use me when I’m tied but so far it’s just been about the bondage.

  1. My mom subscribed to those True Detective magazines (or pulp magazines? I don’t know what they’re called) that featured mystery stories and I was too young to read them. But I remember seeing one magazine cover featuring a woman gagged and bound to a chair with bright red rope. I was probably under 14 then but I’ve never forgotten it.

    There used to be a monthly meeting a few blocks away from me for shibari or rope work although it’s been awhile since I’ve checked to see if they’re still doing it. Probably time for me to check it out again πŸ™‚

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