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Evolution of Sweetgirl’s Blog

The last few months have seen some major changes to the blog, changes that I am really pleased with.   I now look at my website and it feels like its ‘mine’, not just a generic template. MrH is my usually my IT man, but I made most of these changes myself.  I had some advice and help from Michael (Dom Signs), who I highly recommend if you need Website Help. Anyway, here are the things I have achieved. YES, achieved!

Colour and Font

One of the first thing I did was create some custom CSS that changed the colour and font of the text on the blog.  Then I changed the background colours creating my own palette. It took quite some time to make it work on the mobile site, in fact I was pulling my hair out trying to figure out why it wasn’t working.  Then I noticed a few other bloggers had a similar format on their mobile sites; so I wondered if there may be a plug-in we were all using that was creating the mobile site format. So I searched.  And, there it was! One little tick box that allowed the program to overwrite the mobile settings on my Theme. Untick the box and voila.  I did a little happy dance I won’t lie.

Updating old posts

When wordpress suspended my blog in March, I was unable to export the images that had been attached to each post.  As there were a lot of posts, it has taken quite some time to update each post, to add a picture and try and add the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) information.  When Molly suggested the random post generator, I knew I needed to get my ass into gear or the random posts would look awful without an image.  It took a few weeks of focused work but I did it.  Every post has a featured image, every post has SEO set. That was another celebratory dance.

Affiliate Links

I joined some affiliate programs, with the idea that it may give me a revenue stream.  I selected only a few companies.  Lovehoney, because I buy from them myself and I like them.  Bondara and Harmony because they have some great products and offer an alternative to Lovehoney.  DOXY because I love the wand and as I recommend them to everyone I figured it would be worth being affiliated with them.  After reviewing a few of their products Paloqueth made me an affiliate and gave me a discount code to offer to followers in the USA.

Molly Moore’s Advice

When my blog was nominated for the chatterbate top 100 list, I went on Mollys site and read The Transparency Report in an effort to maximise my chances of making it onto the list. I updated my Home Page, and my About Me page.  When Molly looked at my site she offered some more advice.  She recommended a random post generator which I added, and that the archives and category lists were changed to drop down menus; they take up less space and look neater.

There was a slight presentation issue, the site was not presenting properly in the firefox browser.  When I couldn’t work out the issue I asked Michael to have a look.  He cleared a cache on the server and solved the problem.  He also offered some additional advice, like making sure that links to external sites open in a new browser.  I am aware that I may not have caught every single one of these, but from that point forward I updated each external link.

May More’s Advice

May More was kind enough to offer me some further advice and again, I took it.  I mean if these two very successful ladies offer you advice on how you can improve the look of your website, you’d be an idiot not to listen, right? And I am many things, but I am not an idiot.  May, suggested I show 3 random posts not 1; that was nice and easy. She also suggested a gallery for images, not so easy.   Well not that it was really difficult, I mean there are plug-ins to create them, but, the first one I found showed the images as thumbnails and cropped the images to suit the standard size.  This meant that my images didn’t display well. Back to the plug-ins page to hunt for a different one. Several clicks later I found one.  The gallery is now live and looks great.  Images are added as they appear in posts, sometimes I add alternative edits too.

Frequently Asked Questions

A new page to the blog is the FAQ.  These things are taken from what people have asked via DM over Twitter and I hope this will answer those questions and save unnecessary upset, when I say no.  There is also a tab to take you to Tell Me About, the SafeworD/s Club meme that I co-host with Submissy.

MrH Writes

I have created a subdomain for MrH’s blog.  He doesn’t write often, but I wanted a space for his work, and this seemed the best way.  Ok, ok, Michael created it …. but I put the content on there and linked it to my site.  That’s gotta count for something?!?  There is some more work for me to do on MrH Writes, and that is the on my to do list for this weekend.  The tab that used to take you to About Me, the Dominant Husband, now takes you to his site.

Buy Me a Gin & Tonic

Well alright technically its buy me a coffee, but its back up and running, so if anyone wishes to support my writing they can use this link. Any donations will be used irresponsibly on lingerie and sex toys 😂.

Lingerie Wishlist

I have created a wishlist on the fabulous Knicker Fairy’s new website.  It’s a public list and if anyone wishes to send me a gift then I will gratefully accept.   Having had to reduce to part time work our lingerie budget has taken a hit.  So I’m open to receiving gifts.  I will not be personally “rewarding” gifters.  Images will appear as normal on my blog, so if you do want to treat me to some pretty undies, please do not ask for video’s or images to be sent privately.

Sweetgirl’s Badges

The last and final change has been the creation of a number of badges for my categories.  Every category has its own image created from my new Twitter picture.  I’m really pleased with how they look.

It feels like I am taking ownership of the post, introducing it, and showing off my fabulous boobs at the same time.  Each category contains an introduction to the kind of work you will find in there, as well as information on the writing prompts (as applicable) that the posts relate to.

Joining the Blogging Community

Over the last few months, I have also managed to join in with a few regular writing memes as well as volunteering to pick the featured posts.  Im September I joined the Elust Judges Panel, and I am enjoying taking part in this each month.  I have even signed up to take part in smut marathon next year which will be an interesting experience.

Future evolutions

At the moment I don’t have any more major changes planned.  I hope you like the changes I have made, and that you continue to enjoy my posts.  Thank you for joining me on this journey.


Sweetgirl x

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8 thoughts on “Evolution of Sweetgirl’s Blog”

  1. I have been watching the changes you have made over the months and have to say, it’s a joy to come to your site! I mostly do all my web work myself and it’s a huge victory when I figure something out and make it work. I love that feeling!

    Rebel xox

    1. I don’t know why Miss D – they didn’t respond to my questions. I reccomend backing up your content regularly. The only way to secure your content is to go self hosted which means you have to buy a domain name and pay for a hosting service.

      Michael at https://domsigns.com/ can help and probably explain it better…. his rates are reasonable too. 😊

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