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Everything’s Changing

Why can’t we win the lottery? I’m not greedy. I just want enough to live on, quit work, get a dog, keep the kids comfortable.

I don’t have to move house, I don’t need a new car. I just want no financial worries.

Our nest is empty. Our boys have left home. Now is our time. Time for MrH and I to enjoy each other.

I can only say thank goodness we already have a very full toy chest because the financial commitment to support our boys is going to put quite a strain on us.

I kinda had a fantasy of life without the boys. A daydream of another life… Unfortunately (for me) this is another one of those times when fantasy and reality were never going to match….

In my fantasy

I would arrive home from work and MrH would instruct me to get undressed and remain naked.

Every evening, before his bath, MrH would exchange my collars and I would be required to kneel while MrH used my mouth for his pleasure.

At 9pm MrH would request supper and after eating he would either:

  • tie me to the bed and play with me.
  • chain me to the wall and flog me.
  • bind me with rope.
  • cane me.
  • spank me.

In a morning he would change my collars and spank me 5 times on each cheek to remind me I am his.

On a weekend I would be required to wear clothing that allows MrH to access my pussy. I would be toyed with, fingered when he was bored, teased and used for his amusement.

Rules would be reintroduced and enforced with strict spanking,

  • Sweetgirl will ensure all foods eaten are classed as free foods.
  • Sweetgirl will ensure that all syns are pre-approved and will be counted by MrH.
  • Weight gain will be punished as proof of failing to follow rules 1 and 2.
  • Weight Loss will be rewarded with an item from appendix 1.
  • Sweetgirl must do core strengthening exercises everyday.
  • Sweetgirl must do stretches everyday.
  • Sweetgirl must masturbate 3 times a week when instructed to do so.
  • Sweetgirl may not orgasm without express permission.
  • Sweetgirl must not go downstairs at night for food without waking MrH and asking permission.
  • Sweetgirl may not purchase anything that is not categorised as essential groceries or cat food/litter without permission. This includes online is well as in shops.
  • Sweetgirl will always wear matching lingerie, which will be chosen by MrH each day.
  • Sweetgirl will not wear panties at a weekend.

Appendix 1

  • Orgasm with Doxy wand.
  • Orgasm with High Fashion.
  • Double penetration, dildo in arse.
  • Anal sex with Sir’s cock.
  • Oral orgasm.

In reality.

MrH doesn’t really want to be so controlling. He especially doesn’t want to have to tell me off like a child, and so the rules I fantasise about will remain exactly that, without punishment or reward, rules become pointless. He doesn’t want to count my syns.

My sexual fantasies are also impractical because MrH wouldn’t want to do this. The after supper play time has a chance to be real but not every night, nor do I think would MrH instruct me to masturbate on command or tell me I couldn’t orgasm without permission (even though usually have to ask for my body to co-operate).

If it ain’t broke.

Do I sound sad? I guess a little bit. I mean I know I have a high sex drive and I am horny 65{dedf51857808db7060a78aa337850311353fb6d24ebc386ce22cd62057c0be05} of the time (the other 35{dedf51857808db7060a78aa337850311353fb6d24ebc386ce22cd62057c0be05} of the time I am working) and MrH tells me he isn’t as young as he used to be anymore. I also know that MrH does have to do a lot more work during play than I do.

But what we have is good. We are closer than ever, and I am having really amazing, satisfying sex. We are happy and content. Surely it’s greedy to want more?

Besides, as the Dominant MrH has control over the amount of play we have and I accept that, really I do, but it doesn’t stop me having fantasies and you never know what the future holds, that lottery win could be just around the corner.

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8 thoughts on “Everything’s Changing”

  1. I don’ think you sound sad sweet and it is common to look forward to something with rose-tinted glasses of how it will be. I think things will take time to adjust and hopefully as you settle into this time just the two of you things will start to grow in a way which excites you both 🙂

  2. I think we all envision our relationships in fantasy terms, knowing they will never quite reach that level, being okay with parts, accepting each other for not living up to the grand vision.

    I too would live a more regimented world, but Mr. D doesn’t want to control me in that way either. So I understand you there.

    Gorgeous pic btw.

  3. It’s understandable to be a bit disappointed. You’ve been fantasizing about this time for a long time, and when you’ve had all that build up, it’s difficult for the real thing to match that. But the two of you have space to explore what works for you both, and that in itself is pretty exciting.

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