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Equipment to Help Around The Home

On Friday, I was visited by a lovely lady, who came to see what adjustments could be made to our home, or equipment they would suggest, to make things easier for me around the house.  She was really nice, sympathetic and kind.  Even better she carries some equipment on her so after the assessment she left things with us.  I wrote about the kind of things we hoped she would suggest in my post Opening Doors.  So what did she suggest?

Bathroom Equipment

The first piece of equipment she suggested was a raised toilet seat.  Unfortunately it doesn’t have a lid, (well more to the point the council won’t fund the lid) but we can buy one from their shop that fits onto it.  She gave me a 10{dedf51857808db7060a78aa337850311353fb6d24ebc386ce22cd62057c0be05} discount voucher so it will only cost us £7.50.  I went today after work and we fitted the new seat and lid.  I really miss having a lid, and I can now stop worrying about Captain Jack jumping into the loo by accident.

The next thing she suggested to me was a bath board.  It goes across the bath and there is a photo below so you can see how it looks.  In the photo it is at the tap end under the shower.  To get in the bath I sit on the board and from there I can lift my legs over the side of the bath.  I can sit on this while I am in the shower, or just sit down every now and then while I shower.  We have a little stool, that you can see in the picture too, and if I put my foot on the stool, I can comfortably shave my leg.  Not having to stand up while I shower and shave my legs, means I can stand to shave my bikini area.  MrH may still have to wash my hair if my arms and shoulders are sore.  But I can sit and get dried, so MrH has a little less to do.

I have also found that if I put it at the other side of the bath, I can sit on it while I brush my teeth, or wash my face in the sink.  Little things that make my day less painful.

Making Drinks

Ok, so she didn’t provide this equipment, she did recommend it.  We asked about something to help make drinks as I struggle to lift the kettle of hot water, and I can’t safely carry a drink upstairs.  She explained that she didn’t recommend the kettle slings that but she does think a hot water dispenser for the bedroom would be a good idea.  That way I don’t have to carry a hot drink around, or lift a kettle.

Litter Picker

The other piece of equipment she left me was two litter pickers.  I keep dropping things on the floor, for some unknown reason my hand loses grip.  Hairbrushes, reading glasses, or remote controls, all end up on the floor until someone else can pick them up.  Now I have a litter picker, I can pick them up myself.  It may sound like a little thing, but it a bit of independence. One less thing I have to have help with.


There are a couple of things that will be done later, namely some grab rails for the bathroom walls, but in all I think it went well.  I feel a little less dependent on MrH and safer in the shower.

In all it was a good visit.  I have also recieved my appointment for my PIP assessment and the epidural pain procedureepidural pain procedure.  The procedure will be done in January and, I hope so very much that it works.  Or, at the very least that it works long enough that Eroticon is pain free.


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8 thoughts on “Equipment to Help Around The Home”

  1. So glad you have some aids around the house. We had all of the ones youve listed when #Mothership had her hip replacement.
    They gave her confidence and definitely improved her recovery.

    Hope you feel much stronger soon 🧚‍♀️💞

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