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Don’t be a dick

Ok so I know this is a blog that talks about sex, but primarily it’s about our Dominant and submissive lifestyle.  I do post saucy images and until recently all the comments on my posts have been courteous, respectful, positive, kind and nice.  I get comments from Male and Female followers and they all treat me with respect.  I believe the comments from my male followers are this way because the Male commentators are also in D/s relationships and therefore their responses are respectful of MrH my Dominant and husband and me.

My bio is quite clear.  We are married and monogamous and yet today I have deleted 2 comments recieved on my post Strike a pose

I didn’t read them fully, the first few words were enough.

I think therefore I will be very explicit now.  If you, as a reader/follower, choose to use my images for your personal entertainment- KEEP IT TO YOURSELF 

I have no desire to enter into dialogue or hear about it .

The only cock I am interested in belongs to MrH.  I am not interested in anyone else, I am passionately in love with MrH. I belong to HIM.

So, if you follow my blog and wish to comment, please follow these simple rules:

  • Show me respect
  • Be polite
  • Don’t be rude, crass or crude
  • And most importantly DON’T BE A DICK

Following further abusive comments from the person in question, all comments posted will now be manually approved, this is to ensure that you, my readers, do not have to see abusive comments.




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10 thoughts on “Don’t be a dick”

  1. I’m sorry you had to experience this type of comment. But all of us have likely experienced haters of one type or another. Deleting the comments are always the best idea and changing your approval of comments will work well for you.

    1. The silly thing is the comments started off intending to be flattering (if a little too graphic) this person thought me attractive, wanted to send me videos of themselves masterbating (MrH was not happy as he saw the comments first and when I saw them I decided to delete them), after I posted this which was intended as a “please respect the fact I am married” their remarks became awful. I am now being called awful names and it’s so hurtful, and completely unnecessary.

      As always, thank you for reading and your comments 😊😊😊

  2. Stuff like that is the worst and unfortunately and occupational hazard with what we blog about. The respectful responses is what I love about this community. They actually get it, as opposed to just pervs that think they’re entitled to say whatever they like about your body because you’ve shared pictures with us. Keep your chin up sweet, us ethical pervs have got your back! 😂 xxx

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