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Date night – part 2

I held my breath, trying to keep as still as possible. The door opens slowly, I can hear it brushing the carpet. There’s a creak as he steps into the room, followed by a click as the door shuts. There are butterflies rioting in my stomach and a tightening in my groin. I realise I still haven’t released the breath I was holding and I realise it’s getting uncomfortable, so I gently breathe out. I hear a chuckle behind me.

“Holding your breath? Are you exited too?” I know he’s stood right behind me, his breath is warm against my shoulder and neck as he speaks. I feel his fingers on my spine, moving down, vertebrae by vertebrae. “You’ve done well. Exactly as you were instructed. I was watching you. I saw you get out of the car and straighten your jacket. I watched you walk to the reception desk, you must practice walking in your high shoes, you wobble, and I don’t want you hurting yourself.” His hand has reached the base of my spine. My mind is swirling, I want to hear him but as his hand moves I’m finding it difficult to think. His hand gently strokes the curve of my ass. Moving down between my legs, “Good,” he breaths against my neck, as his fingers find the wetness there. “You’re ready for me but you must have patience.”

He’s stepped away from me, I can feel the absence of his body heat, and my nipples harden as I become aware of the cold.

“Hmmm it’s cold in here” I hear him say and I picture him opening the temperature control panel and adjusting the controls. “I am impressed. I know you like to talk. I know it must have been difficult at the reception desk but you didn’t hesitate. You followed my instructions perfectly.” I can hear him moving around the room as he speaks. A zip being opened, and I can hear things being placed on the dresser. My pulse quickens, I wonder what toys he’s brought with him. I wonder what he has planned. I want to speak, to ask him. I want to tell him how glad I am to see him, not that I can see him with my eyes shut.

“Are you ready?” He’s asking me and he knows I want to answer. “You have made me very happy. I hate to punish you like this,” he’s behind me again, “but you must learn that I will not permit you to answer back and disrespect me. Do you think you have learned your lesson?” I nod my head. He strokes my ass with his right hand, “Then, my sweet, you can speak again.”

I run my tongue over my lips, my mouth has gone dry, I don’t know if I can speak, it’s been 24 hours since I said anything to anyone.

His lips gently kiss my neck, “are you ready?” He whispers as his hand continues to stroke my ass.

“Yes Sir”

“Good” he replies, “place your hands on the wall.” His hand leaves my ass and I momentarily feel disappointed, until I feel the soft fabric against my face, he’s putting on a blindfold. He secures it behind my head. His hand returns to my ass, stroking firmly, “do you remember your safe words?” I nod. “Then let’s begin”

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