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Christmas Surprise

I reached out and touched him. When he’s naked I’m allowed to touch without first seeking permission.

I stroked his cock, gently.

I leaned closer, kissing him, and when he didn’t tell me to stop, I took him in my mouth.

He grew hard, and sighed.

I continued to please him. Hearing him moan with pleasure, encouraging me to continue.

Now I admit I wasn’t taking him in as deep as normal, which I know he loves, because of my nausea which I’ve been suffering. I’m grateful MrH didn’t complain or force me deeper on his cock. After all he could have done so to take his pleasure. He has my permission to use me as he wishes.

He did grab my hair and pull me off him. Placing me on my back. I expected him to enter me and cum, instead he said “arms above your head.”

I moved, somewhat awkwardly, my hair wasn’t plaited and as long as it is now it was caught under my back. I eventually freed my hair and was able to lie comfortably.

Sir found my clit and pussy, and began to touch me.

Unfortunately the TV was on and it was distracting for a while. I couldn’t detach from the sounds and as much as I wanted to respond only to him, my body resisted.

I get very annoyed with myself when this happens. It makes it more difficult for MrH to get the response he desires from me, and of course my annoyance doesn’t help the mindset either. It becomes quite a vicious circle. “That’s nice, feels good, what the fuck are they on about [on the tv], stop it, focus on MrH,” and so on….

He won, on course, he pulled my mind to him, talking to me, about my body belonging to him, responding to him, and the tv noise fell away. The program also ended at some point which helped more.

He brought me to climax and kept me there, waves and waves, his fingers inside me driving me on again and again.

I don’t know how many times.

When he moved between my legs and thrust his cock in me, I welcomed it, I think I cried out, I wanted him in me so badly by then.

He climaxed and I felt…. bliss. My body calmed, relaxed.

He placed a towel between my legs as he withdrew and I rolled into his arms.

It was a very merry Christmas night 😊

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