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Christmas Day 2018

I’m still suffering from the tramadol withdrawal. Which sucks. MrH is looking after me, as is our youngest B. Our eldest S didn’t come home, he went to stay with friends.

We don’t really make a huge fuss at Christmas we never have. I’m not a fan of commercialisation and the oneupmanship that occurs this time of year. We’ve always had a simple budget for Christmas presents for the boys [£100 each] and at birthdays they get £50. In our opinion it’s enough.

There have been occasions when they have had larger gifts… an Xbox or a computer. These have always been combination gifts and only when we could afford it.

MrH and I have never really exchanged gifts until the last few years.

But now we’re chilling watching TV. The turkey is cooking and we’ll eat around 5:30pm as usual.

I’ve just been for a shower and washed my hair. I feel a little brighter for it. I just wish I could get rid of this nausea!!!!! I hate feeling sickly. 🙁

Every time MrH takes the turkey out of the oven to baste it, both cats go running to the kitchen. I can almost hear them thinking “drop it….. drop it…..”

I’ve no doubt that when I’m eating it I will have 2 friends…


MrH keeps asking me if there’s anything I need…. other than a good seeing to. Naturally I replied I always want that.

His response surprised me…

“Ahh if it’s just a want perhaps I’ll make you wait longer.”

My eyes must have widened in surprise. And I asked, “until when?”

“Until it’s a need, Sweetgirl,” he replied.

I have assured him I was downplaying it. I I soooooo need it!!!!!


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8 thoughts on “Christmas Day 2018”

  1. Aw adorable cats! My mom’s dog is the same way, she quarrelled and cried the whole time I was baking yesterday because I wouldn’t let her have any of the pumpkin. 🙂 Merry Christmas!

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