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Captains Prize (part 9)

Martha layed back nervously. Was this it? Was he about to violate her and call it ‘a reward’?! She felt sick, anxiety twisted her stomach. She clenched her fists prepared to fight. He hadn’t restrained her. That was his mistake she thought.

The Captain watched her face. He could see she was anticipating some assault. He wasn’t surprised given her father’s proclivity to violence. But, he needed to build trust if she was to give herself to him.

He reached out his hand towards her and she drew her feet up under her skirts away from him.

“No Martha,” he said quietly shaking his head at her, “straighten your legs, and don’t move. Didn’t I tell you you wouldn’t be hurt?”

Martha nodded and straightened her legs, slowly, reluctantly.

“Say it Martha,” he said, “say I’m safe.”

“I’m safe?” As she spoke the words he could hear the question, the doubt. He let it slide, time would show her the truth.

Martha didn’t know how what to think. Safe? How was she safe? The bed had walls on two sides and she was on a ship surrounded by water. She had no escape.

The Captain got onto the bed and leaned back against the wall. He straightened his legs and their bodies formed an L shape. He lifted her legs onto his thighs. Firm and warm under her legs, his hands sent shockwaves up her legs, terminating in a warm feeling between her legs.

His hands trailed down her legs to her feet. Martha tensed. What was he doing? He moved both hands to one foot and, applied firm pressure with his thumbs on the centre of her foot. Martha’s eyes rolled slightly in her head, as he continued to apply gentle but firm pressure down then centre of her foot towards her toes.

The Captain watched her face closely. He saw the pleasure cross her face as he moved across her foot. Her eyes closed and he continued to massage. Slow firm movements over her foot and toes.

Martha felt her body melt, the tension melted and she unclenched her fists. As her eyes closed, she let out a deep breath, a sigh. Oh, but it felt so good. His hands on her feet. Her mind wandered, what would it feel like if his hands travelled up her legs?

The captain continued to work, changing to the other foot. She was so relaxed, all the tension gone from her body. Her breathing deep and even. A small smile of contentment played on her lips which were slightly parted. She was beautiful, he thought. His sex agreed. He wanted to run his hands up her legs, to part them and discover her sex. He wanted to taste her, feel her convulse around him as she felt her first orgasm.

Instead, he placed her feet on the bed, and moved off the bed. Martha opened her eyes and looked at him, as he got the blanket and covered her.

“Sleep Martha,” he whispered, resisting the urge to kiss her forehead.

She was so relaxed that she rolled onto her side and closed her eyes without question. The Captain climbed into his hammock. He wanted to sleep in his bed again, the hammock was fine for occasional use, but he didn’t fully trust himself to lie with her and not take her. He knew he could easily seduce her, she would be willing easily enough, but that wasn’t his plan. So, to give her space to trust, he banished himself to the hammock.

She was asleep, he could tell by her breathing. He closed his eyes and allowed his mind to wander, imagining her knelt before him, ready to please. His sex swelled, undoing his pants he freed his cock. Taking it in his hand he stoked rhythmically, imagining her taking it into her mouth. He increased his pace, he would take her head and thrust his cock into her mouth, over and over, she would look at him as he did. He felt his climax build, and… He covered his cock with a handkerchief from his pocket, and as he came, he slowed his strokes as his seed was captured. He allowed the bliss to flow through him, and he cleaned up his cock. Done, he redressed, and settled to sleep.

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