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Captains Prize (part 5)

He waited until she had finished eating, trying to concentrate on his own plate and not on the way her tongue looked as she licked her lips, or how it would feel swirling the top of his cock.

Every now and then she would glance at him and blush. The colour flushing her face was delightful, and he knew that she would flush this way when her body was taken by its first climax. His sex was uncomfortable, his imagination wasn’t helping the situation either.

Pushing these delightful images to one side he forced himself to think of practical matters. They had supplies enough to remain at sea for about 5 weeks, 6 at a push but he never pushed it. A hungry crew was a dangerous crew. A thirsty crew was even worse so they always made sure they had 10 days supplies in reserve. While she had slept he and Smithy had agreed on a course that would take them to a free port that was 6 days sailing away by the most direct course. It would take them three times that long. Smithy thought he was mad, he’d said as much. But this girl was in his head and he had to possess her. More importantly he wanted her to want him to.

His sex that had begun to settle, perked up as his thoughts returned to her, and with some determination he returned to navigation.

They would stop for a few days on the island that they had founded and that a few of the men kept their families on. It would allow them to decompress a while and to unload some of the linen and grains.

He knew Smithy was looking forward to seeing Aggie and he hoped that one day Martha would consent to live there too. He was looking forward to taking her to his cabin on the island – he pushed that thought away too – before his sex woke again.

Martha had finished, and she had eaten everything he had brought for her. She must have been hungry he thought. He tried not to imagine how she would look when her body was nourished again.

She looked up from her hands, which were folded in her lap, and he caught her eye, holding her gaze. He eyes were grey he realised, they sometimes looked blue. She was blushing under his gaze, the colour creeping up her face, she seemed unable to look away. He smiled at her, and to his surprise, and hers it seemed, she smiled tentatively back.

“Do you feel better?” He asked. Raising an eyebrow and releasing her gaze by looking at her plate.

“Yes, thank you,” she replied quietly. Her eyes lowering as soon as he released them. She felt so exposed, he seemed to look right into her soul. His eyes were delicious, a warm deep brown, she could fall into them. She did fall into them they made her feel safe which, she thought was ridiculous. He had kidnapped her and was keeping her a prisoner. He was a pirate. He is the first person who’s ever stood up for you, pipped up the little voice in her head. Shut up she told it, that’s not the point.

She needed to relieve herself again. She glanced at the privy. She hadn’t seen The Captain use it. Maybe he used it when she was sleeping. She blushed again at her thoughts, why was she imagining him removing his clothes. She was surely a harlot, to have such impure thoughts.

He noticed her eyes flash towards the privy and realised she needed to use it.

“Feel free to relieve yourself,” he gestured towards the privy. “There’s also some fresh water for you to refresh your face,” he pointed at the dresser which once again had a basin of water on it.

Martha stood and went to use the privy, as she did he continued to talk to her. She wanted her to loose her inhibitions, her desire to hide her body and its functions from him. To own her completely she had to know he accepted everything about her, too many women thought bodily functions were disgusting, shameful and unnatural. He wanted no such thoughts in Martha’s mind so she could give herself without reservation to him.

“In 5 days we will make land. If you have learned your place and pleased me, you will be permitted to go on land and meet the families there. It’s a beautiful place, trees and grass. Fresh water and pools of cool water. We spend time there whenever we can. Smithy’s wife is there, his daughter and maybe when we get back his grandbaby will have arrived. We have some linens we’ve managed to acquire…”

Martha’s mind whirled. An island. Families. He was telling her like she should be excited. Did he think she would want to stay on an island? As his slave? A prisoner? That voice in her head pipped up again, sounds quite lovely actually … And maybe he’s thinking you would be his wife? A laugh escaped her, an almost hysterical laugh, which she regretted immediately. The captain stopped talking and looked at her.

“Did I say something amusing, Martha?” He asked questioningly.

She shook her head and began to move to the basin.

“Look at me,” the tone in his voice made her stop and turn. She kept her eyes down. “What was so amusing?”

Martha licked her lips, they had gone dry and she could feel a blush creap up her face. “Nothing,” she said, “truly. I was thinking of something else. Wasn’t anything you said.” She wanted desperately to look away from his eyes, but he held her captive, his eyes seeking truth in hers.

He allowed the silence to stretch. He looked at her. Watching her squirm under his gaze. Seeing her distress as she tried to hide herself from him. The minutes dragged on..

“I was thinking of the families on the island,” she finally whispered breaking the silence, “and what you want from me.” Her voice broke on the last words, tears forming in her eyes.

The captain as stood up, thankful his sex was relaxed at last, and walked round the table to stand in front of her. As soon as he had moved she had dropped her eyes and he put his hands on the tops of her arms, gently squeezing his fingers.

“Look at me” he whispered. She raised her eyes to his. “I want nothing more than you are able to give. You will not be harmed, in fact I hope you will come to be happy there. You have much to learn but I am sure you will learn quickly.”

She didn’t know why, but she believed him. Believed he expected her to be happy. One of them was delusional. She wondered briefly if it was her.

“Wash your face,” he said, and with a gentle squeeze of his fingers, he released her. Martha washed her face quickly and folding the drying linen turned to face him again.

He was sat on the bench facing her, much as he had yesterday before he had spanked her, and she swallowed hard, biting back the panic.

“Come here, Martha,” he said, “take off your skirt and lay over my knee.”

She looked at him incredulously. He expected her to.. to.. just undress to… lie over his knee and be spanked? Her eyes flashed to his in panic and she took a step back.

“It can be easy or not so,” he spoke firmly. “You said no to me, Martha, I can’t let that slide. Ten spanks, that’s all..” he paused, ” but if I have to undress you and make you, it will be twice that.” His sex was cheering for her to defy him. More was better… more satisfying.

She hesitated, he could see the thoughts going through her head. Then he saw it, saw the acceptance, as her shoulders fell slightly. She untied her skirt and it fell to the floor. She stepped out of it and, walking towards him she hesitated again. This time he knew it was because she simply wasn’t sure how to put herself on his knee, uncertainty not definance. He held out his left hand and took her left hand in his.

He pulled her forward another step so she was stood at his left hand side and he pulled her hand across his body until it was on the bench on the other side of him. She realised what he was showing her. From here she could lower herself across his knee quite easily, and she did so. Feeling ashamed as she did, not only had she obeyed him but because the heat was once again spreading through her privates, her body seemed to be – excited. She hung her head and closed her eyes.

The Captain was smiling. Damn but her backside looked cute there over his knee. He reached out and stroked the skin on each cheek, and heard her catch her breath. She liked his touch. She hadn’t tensed today, not like yesterday, his smile grew. She was going to be so easy to teach.

He drew back his hand and prepared to deliver the first spank, his sex swelled with anticipation, oh, he was going to enjoy this.





He delivered the first four quickly and evenly, alternating cheeks. The breath had whooshed out of her on the first blow and she hadn’t taken another breath. He stroked her behind, kneeding a little and she took a jagged breath in. He continued to kneed and stroke while she took a few more breaths. Was she counting? Time for more he thought.


Harder this time, she gasped. His sex hardened.




She gasped with each blow. He stroked her backside gently and she moaned, squirming but not as if to get away. She was enjoying his touch. His hand moved in circles round and round each cheek. He paused briefly where the tops of her legs and backside met. Her breath stilled. Very gently he pushed one finger between her legs, feeling the wet warmth there, she gasped and began wriggling now in earnest, but he didn’t think she was frightened, his right hand on her back easily kept her fixed in place.

He moved his finger gently forward and back catching the nib he knew would bring her pleasure just four times then withdrew his hand to deliver the last two spanks. This time he aimed for the spot where he would catch both cheeks and her sex at the same time.


She cried out.


Martha couldn’t move. She didn’t know what she was feeling. She should be angry. She should be mortified. He had touched her privates, and, it had felt – nice. She was frightened of her body’s reactions, of the feelings his touch created.

Shame kept her frozen. He had helped her to stand and was putting her skirt back on. He was treating her so gently as if she has fragile but he had spanked her – hard. She could feel where he had hit her, she could feel the skin burning on her behind, and where he had touched her privates, they were throbbing, worse, she wanted him to do it again. She felt tears forming in her eyes and begin to fall down her cheeks.

“Ahh my sweet girl,” he whispered and he pulled her into his arms, holding her against his chest. She wanted to pull away to scream at him but instead she melted as her nostrils were filled with the most delicious scent. A mix of leather and wax, salt and sea. Her muscles relaxed as he stroked her back.

He picked her up again, as he had yesterday and she didn’t resist. He settled her onto the bed climbing on behind her and holding her tightly. Tears continued to fall down her face and she wasn’t sure why. But she felt safe and warm in his arms. Eventually the tears stopped and her last thoughts as she fell asleep were of her Ma and Cathy. What would they think of her? Laying in the arms of a man who had touched her privates, a man she wasn’t wed to. And worse that she had liked it.

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  1. I’m absolutely loving this story so far! I can’t wait to read each new installment. Looking forward to seeing how Martha reacts to the island..I wonder if she’ll attempt some sort of escape.

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