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Can I help?

You would think these words were harmless, inoffensive, kind even, and yet so often they can be thrown back at you as if you have over stepped some invisible line.

I am a helpful person. I have had many people around me suffering severe depression and I always tried my best to support and help. I’ve taken people to the Drs, fed them, held them, supported them and got them back on their own two feet.

In the kink world when I started out noone in my vanilla world knew and so I had no friends to reach out to, but there were subs out there who helped me out when I struggled with the emotional rollercoaster of sub frenzy, and again when I experienced sub drop for the first time. I’m two years in and I still get emotional at times, but I like to think that I am also able to pay the kindness shown to me forward by helping or offering to help others.

I do feel so lucky to be part of a community where if you ask for help, someone will answer.

3 thoughts on “Can I help?”

  1. I try to help when I am able. For me it’s because I didnt have anyone to give me the help I needed. I had to drag myself up step by step. If i have the chance to help keep someone else from haveing to do that i will help however they allow and I am able. It was a hard lesson to learn that I cant save everyone. But it will not stop me from trying. It’s good to see there are many others out there that are ready to lend a hand.

  2. It’s funny how a few simple words can strike a raw nerve. There are so many generous people in this wonderful community. Just a few simple words of encouragement, help, or support can make a day. Then I step outside, and I want to return home where I can tell the difference between one ‘Can I help?’ and another. Here, I feel lost, a misfit looking for a new life when my old one seemed so much easier back home. I’m actually watching ‘Cinderalla’. You do pay it forward. Thank you!

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