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Boredom – eating is the frenemy

I have a self control issue. I admit it.

When I’m bored… I snack.

When I’m feeling down… I snack.

And right now, I’m bored. I’m not working, and I’m feeling useless in so many ways. So I’m picking. Mostly if I’m with MrH, I pick ‘free’ foods … But then, when I’m alone, I pick up food that I need to syn.

Chocolate, crisps, ice-cream…

I can have 105 syns a week (15 a day) and I have used so many that I only have 6.5 syns each day for the next 4 days.

So, I’ve asked MrH to help me again.. because although he gave me a rule that I must only eat foods that conform to the slimming world plan, I’m still struggling. I have asked him if he will take control of my syns…

From this point forward, I must ask permission to use syns. If it isn’t free I have to ask.

I will get back to target!

Thank you MrH for supporting and helping me when I’m too weak to make good food choices.

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11 thoughts on “Boredom – eating is the frenemy”

  1. Having lost close to 20kg last year, here are a few simple things that worked for me.

    I would suggest not buying those things in the first place if you can- replace them with a more virtuous version if possible!
    IMHO it’s a little like keeping one foot always in the unhealthy camp, and sugar is a horrible addiction to break…it calls to you! Leave it in the shop, then it can call all it likes!

    Thats not to say you should deny yourself everything, just try to swap out the biggest daily temptations for nuts or fruit or something else not sugary or processed or fatty.

    The other thing is to drink green tea in place of snacking – drinking is an appetite suppressant – replace one habit with a better one!

    For example, I replaced biscuits with 2 squares of 70% dark chocolate a night. Its amazing how much difference that one thing made..

    You can do this. Every day is a fresh battle. Give yourself a pep talk every morning, make sure you’re not surrounded by temptation, plan out your distractions (and green tea) and just do it one day at a time.

    It’s literally all in the mind!

    1. First of all well done on your weightloss.. secondly, thank you for your recommendations.

      For the most part I don’t buy them, but MrH and my son like the snacks to take to work/college.

      I’ve tried green tea and I can’t drink it – I just don’t like the taste.. instead I try to drink water.

      I get by pretty well when I’m not bored or down. And unfortunately at the moment because I am out of work I am both bored and down.

      Hopefully MrH having taken control of my syn intake will help me to get through this period of extra stress.


      1. Hehe! you get more things out of it if Mr H helps – weight loss, that feeling of submission/compliance and maybe the odd firm reminder to do better..how awful! 😉

    1. Oops didn’t mean to press send!!

      Once heard the noise and decided to ask if it was from our room…. We’ve had to switch to using the cane for impact play and I’m not sure MrH would consider doing it or be ready to punish with the cane … Which I’m absolutely sure I would NOT like đŸ˜ŗ

      1. I guess the question is: What hurts more? Snacking and feeling anger and self-loathing for lack of willpower; or being caned for ‘real’ and using the pain to forgive yourself?

        1. That is a good question.. and I wish I could answer it… But – having not been caned for ‘real’ I simply do not know.

          So I guess for the moment, I’m going to have to stick with the anger and self loathing ☚ī¸

          On a positive note… I’ve not had any syns today because I didn’t want to ask!

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