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Balcony Bra – Purple

I used to avoid high street bra shopping. Shops like Ann Summers only sold nipple showing, tiny triangle bras and crotchless or dental floss panties, making them unsuitable for everyday wear. They also didn’t make bras in my size.

I’ve always had a nice bosom. At 21 when I met MrH I wore a 28DD. Trying to find a 28DD was a nightmare. I changed slightly to a 30DD but still they were hard to find and a bra would usually set me back about ยฃ30.

There has been a massive improvement in the range of bra sizes now sold and even supermarkets sell my size which is either a 34F or 34G depending on the make.

I have, with MrH’s permission bought a number of new bras over the last few months from lottie aka @theknickerfairy on Twitter who sells Ann Summers items, and I love them.

Here’s the purple one.


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18 thoughts on “Balcony Bra – Purple”

  1. You certainly gill it out perfectly. My lover says she hates having to wear bras! They dig in and weigh down so often. Especially the super fashionable ones which are portrayed as being sexy.

      1. Sometimes wonder why you women wear them at all. You all look so wonderful au naturel. I guess they can be uncomfortable at times… keeps the lingerie manufacturers busy!

          1. Oh dear I need more coffee, MrH has just pointed out that my reply is a bit nonsensical…

            I think when I’m braless in public I feel exposed, my breasts jiggle and bounce. Nipples become more noticable as a bra hides a lot of the times when nipples react to hot and cold. I work with 34 men, and I am positive that if I had no bra on it would cause quite a stir…..

            1. Yes I can imagine. My love sometimes goes sans bra and here its winter…so yes her nipples which are very pronounced certainly tell the story! Luckily shes not huge and they are high up on her breasts. Not bad for 80!!!

  2. Gorgeous bra and it’s lovely to have you join in on #LiFE! I can totally relate to the frustration of bra shopping when you’re busty. Luckily, it looks like you are on the right track and enjoying some beautiful, well fitting pieces!

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