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Bad Hair day

Why is it a simple thing like … Not liking the way your hair looks can make everything seem worse??

I returned about a year ago to a hairdresser that always did my hair nice…. And they have coloured my hair (highlights usually) 3 times and not once has it looked right.

Naturally my hair is dark blonde – for those hairdressers or those in the know… A base shade 7.

Now at the moment I have a huge white (yes white) patch on top of my head. And I have golden yellow stripes. To coin a phrase from one of my old friends.. I look like a bird has shit in my hair and it’s been combed through 😠

Essentially they have used bleach to lift my hair, no colour, and the sections have been too large.

I’ve managed to contact a friend who is a hairdresser and owns a salon… The only reason I haven’t been going there is that it’s half an hour away and parking is a nightmare… But I can’t deal with my hair looking so bad. Having lost the weight I have I want to look in the mirror and smile not frown … And right now… It’s not just a frown .. it’s a serious cringe.

So on Tuesday, armed with images from my past and the internet, I’m going to get this fixed … Because an unhappy me eats…. I mean seriously I comfort eat… Even trying to follow the slimming world plan it’s possible to eat too much free food…

This last week I went over my syns and I gained 1lb. I need to loose 10.5lbs to get back to my target weight and having achieved it once I know I can do it again.

But first things first… I need to sort this hair!

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2 thoughts on “Bad Hair day”

    1. I know she will as she is amazing! And it’s a shame as the salon I’ve been going to .. when I used them years ago … My hair always looked fantastic… So it’s very disappointing that they just aren’t getting it right …

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