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Antidepressants, pain meds and Sex

I’ve been medicated for quite some time in one form or another. In 2005 when I had my breakdown I was started on antidepressants and I think I’ve been fortunate in that they have never affected my sex drive or ability to orgasm. I know not everyone is as lucky.

When my back first started to cause me severe pain and the drs started to put me onto pain medication things did begin to change.

The medications made me sleepy or made me feel high. I was unfocused and I didn’t feel sexy especially when I started to put on weight. We still had sex but at that point in our relationship I rarely climaxed during sex.

My back pain has had more effect on our sexy life than my depression. MrH is always worried about hurting me, or doing something which later causes me pain.

After I lost weight and I began to feel sexy I wanted to have sex. Lots of sex. For the most part MrH was obliging. He would treat me so tenderly, as if he was afraid I would break, and I came to to realisation that I craved something different.

When the drs finally sorted out my medication again I was lucky that my sex drive or orgasmic ability wasn’t affected. In fact when when my pain was under control I wanted to have more sex than before. So maybe, it did affect it – but in a positive way.


4 thoughts on “Antidepressants, pain meds and Sex”

  1. Having read a few of your posts they highlight that for some a life of managed medication is the only way to survive. Medicines are intended to have effects, hopefully the ones we want them to have. However, each human body is unpredictable and there are often unintended effects. Pain and anti-depressant medications are frequently associated with reduced sex drive and must be a poor choice to decide that the unintended effects are a price worth paying for the primary intended effect.

    I do hope you continue to successfully manage your pain and that the sex is still always good.

    melody x

  2. You are very fortunate that the anti-depressants didn’t decrease your sex drive. I know for the short time I took some that I had no desire to have sex and felt like a total zombie. I stopped taking them just for that reason. I can see where most meds would knock a person out, my Beloved & I would “play” when I was taking my pain meds after my surgery. I would be so relaxed although I did fell asleep once during sex. He finished, it didn’t bother me one bit, makes me laugh cause I think I even snored at one point (so he says, LOL).

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