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About Me – The Submissive Wife

I am 45 years old submissive wife; a CIS white female, married and mother to two now grown up men.  Mr H and I have been together since we met at college in 1995 and we have been married for 20 years although we have only been Dominant and submissive since June 2017.  

What made you start a Blog?

I honestly couldn’t tell you! A moment of madness?  I had been reading other blogs and decided I would give it a go.  I signed up for a wordpress site and that was it.  I started to write.  

submissive wife blog boobs and hands

What do you write about?

These are my thoughts, and ramblings on my journey from an anxiety ridden control freak, to the relaxed and content submissive wife that I am today; and my journey as it continues.  I also write about how my pain affects my life.  Essentially I write about my life, my whole life, the good, the bad, and the downright glorious!  I began this blog in November 2017 and there are archives you can use to navigate my site, and a search button so you can look for specific topics or words.  I also post images, as you will have noticed, of myself and occasionally Mr H, in various states of undress.  Most often these images are of my boobs or bum.

A Dirty Treat - Spanked

Are you nuts?

There is some debate about this!  I live with depression and anxiety, and I have done since 2003 when my father died of a sudden heart attack.  The D/s dynamic has helped me to manage my condition, making me calmer and more relaxed.  Mostly I am pretty stable, but I do take medication daily.

What is Chronic Pain?

It is defined as an episode of pain that lasts longer than expected.  I have been in pain since 2008, but the last 4 years have been extremely bad.  You will see a number of posts about pain on my blog because it impacts every area of my life, including how we play.  

Why are you in pain?

I have osteoarthritis in my lumbar spine which causes excruciating pain in my lumbar spine and facet joints, the discs in the bottom two joints bulge (some call this disc herniation or a slipped disc) In addition to pain my mobility is affected and Mr H has to help me get dressed and washed.

Fishnet tights submissive wife blog

Isn't it embarrassing?

In the beginning I would get embarrassed writing about sex, but I got over it quickly.  We engage in all types of sexual play, anal sex, oral sex, using sex toys and vaginal sex.  You won’t find any threesomes or gangbangs on my blog because we are monogamous but Mr H is very ingenious and we have done double and triple penetration.  You will see the term ‘play’ used throughout the blog to describe our sexual exploits.  

Sensitive topics and Content warnings.

There are a few posts that discuss some sensitive topics like depression, childhood trauma and attempted suicide.  This is because I have experienced all these things in my life and believe it is important that they are spoken about.  Both my children have attempted suicide, and I will be forever grateful that they were unable to go through with their plans.  While I do not discuss this in detail I do talk about it.  In addition I suffered some childhood trauma, some physical abuse and some emotional, again this is something I talk about.  Mental health and abuse need to be spoken about more openly, and as this blog serves as a way for me to process my life experiences they pop up every now and then.

submissive wife bra and rose

The Blog

You can find my most recent posts by clicking here and visiting my blog, I post regularly and you will usually find new content every day.  Here are a few links to my Blog posts on how it all began….

Another blog I highly recommend for anyone considering life as a submissive wife is that of Submissy, wife and submissive of HisLordship and they can also be found online twice a week hosting a regular chat on The SafeworD/s Club.

Sweetgirl x

If you want to see all my images in one place check out Our Photo Gallery.

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