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I am 45 years old submissive wife; a CIS white female, married and mother to two now grown up men.  Mr H and I have been together since we met at college in 1995 and we have been married for 20 years although we have only been Dom & sub since June 2017.  

What does a Submissive Wife write about?

These are my thoughts, and ramblings on my journey from an anxiety ridden control freak, to the relaxed and content submissive wife that I am today; and my journey as it continues.  I also write about how my pain affects my life.  Essentially I write about my life, my whole life, the good, the bad, and the downright glorious!  I began this blog in November 2017 and there are archives you can use to navigate my site, and a search button so you can look for specific topics or words. 

Are you nuts?

There is some debate about this!  I live with depression and anxiety, and I have done since 2003 when my father died of a sudden heart attack.  The D/s dynamic has helped me to manage my condition, making me calmer and more relaxed.  Mostly I am pretty stable, and I take medication daily.

What is Chronic Pain?

You will see a number of posts about pain on my blog.  This is because I have osteoarthritis in my lumbar spine which causes excruciating pain in my lumbar spine and facet joints.   In addition to pain my mobility is affected and Mr H has to help me with getting dressed and washed.

Sensitive Topics & Content Warnings 

There are a few posts that discuss some sensitive topics.  Both my children have attempted suicide.  I am forever grateful that they were unable to go through with their plans, and while I do not discuss this in detail I do talk about it in a few posts.  In addition I suffered some childhood trauma, some physical abuse and some emotional, again this is something I talk about.  Some of these posts were written for a prompt I take part in “Sex Bloggers 4 Mental Health” and have a pop up alert to warn you of the content, but if they were not written for this prompt they don’t. 

Submissive Wife – The Blog

You can find my most recent posts by clicking here and visiting my blog, I post regularly and you will usually find new content every day.   

Here are a few links to my Blog posts on how it all began….

How we began – Part 1

How we began – Part 2

Another blog I highly recommend for anyone considering life as a submissive wife is that of Submissy, wife and submissive of HisLordship and they can also be found online twice a week hosting a regular chat on The SafeworD/s Club.


Sweetgirl x


If you want to see all my images in one place check out Our Photo Gallery.


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