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A face fuck

I got my treat tonight. MrH had a shower and then, when he came back into the bedroom he put a pillow on the floor at the foot of the bed. He got the wand out and plugged it in. Then he got a mat out and covered the pillow. I could feel my heart start to pound and my pussy reacted getting wet.

I’ll be honest, I expected MrH to pick the penis in vagina bent over the bed fuck. He seems to prefer that. Even when I am allowed to give him oral he finishes inside my vagina not my mouth, so I had thought that was what he would pick.

When he got the lube out and said, “let’s make hay while the sun shines” I jumped up. S2 had gone out and wasn’t home so we could play without worry (unless he came home)..

I believe you asked for a face fuck.

He held the wand out and asked, “would you like this too?” I assumed that he wanted me to use it, why else would he have got it out, and so I took it off him.

Would you like some lube too?

He reached between my legs and slathered some lube on me, kissing me on he lips.

He took hold of my face and I opened my mouth. He put his cock, already hard, into my mouth and began.

I tried to turn the wand on. Feeling for the button. I found one and pushed. It was on. Fast. I tried to turn it down and turned it up. MrH was fucking my face. I tried again to turn it down and turned it off. MrH paused while I sorted that out.

The wand sorted out, MrH resumed. I relaxed into it, allowing him to fuck my mouth.

I gagged a few times (which made me a little cross) as I didn’t want to put MrH off, but he allowed me to gather myself for a moment and I gently sucked him while I did.

The wand hadn’t been touching me, and I put it on myself as MrH continued to fuck my mouth.

I felt an orgasm build and MrH demanded I look at him as I came. He noted I sounded very wet and was obviously enjoying this a lot. Another orgasm peaked and I felt myself gush with a squirting orgasm, another peak and I moaned around his cock.

Are you enjoying that?

MrH pulled out of my mouth to make me answer him. I can’t remember if I did or if I nodded.

He stroked his cock, as I knelt in front of him, the orgasms rolling into each other.

Do you want my cum?

Yes, I’m sure I said yes, he thrust into my mouth, groaning and I felt him spill his cum into my mouth. I drank gratefully, as another orgasm went through my body too. I turned off the wand, my legs trembling.

The perfect treat

I enjoyed it so much. I will have to find more ways to earn more treats like that one… I mean clearly I need more practice so I stop gagging!!!!!

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15 thoughts on “A face fuck”

  1. Use a toothbrush to find your gag reflex and try to hold it for as long as you can. Repeat for 10 minutes a day. Though for some gagging is hot and he may not want you to change a thing.

    1. MrH doesn’t like it lol… at one point I was used to it and I had stopped doing it, thanks for the tip…. not sure I have ten minutes spare though 🤔

  2. Littlegem used that toothbrush technique and it worked wonders, although she still has gag issues. Very hot, do you hold the wand in place? if so a wand harness could be good for you.

  3. This was remarkably hot to read. I have a pretty sensitive gag reflect and haven’t bothered to remedy it. Unfortunately cock sucking doesn’t happen often for a variety of reasons so I don’t bother to tamp it down.

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