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50 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

I recently read a post by HisLordship that had been inspired by another Blogger Tall, Dark and Dominant, both posts contained 50 things the world probably didn’t know about them.  Similarly inspired by these gents I have compiled my own list.  So here they are 50 things you probably didn’t know about me.

  1. I like dogs more than cats
  2. I have no tattoos
  3. I have no professional qualifications
  4. I regret not joining the military
  5. People would be shocked that Sweetgirl and I are D/s
  6. I have no poker face
  7. I like my own company
  8. I love the outdoors
  9. I miss my dog more than I can say
  10. I have never left the uk.
  11. I would love to learn to fly.
  12. I have performed in front of a paying crowd.
  13. I am the youngest child
  14. I was the first of my siblings to get married and have children
  15. I haven’t spoken to anyone I went to college with since Sweetgirl and I got married.
  16. I am considering reducing the amount of meat I eat.
  17. I believe we should listen twice as much as we speak.
  18. I have never broken a bone.
  19. I miss running
  20. I like to have a plan
  21. I once dated the same girl 7 times
  22. I used to sail.
  23. Once hid from a police dog.
  24. My command of the English language is crap.
  25. I speak no other languages
  26. If I could have any special ability. It would be to read,write and speak any language.
  27. I like people watching but I am not fond of people.
  28. I once considered my self an ornithologist
  29. I would like to learn to blacksmith
  30. My favourite colour is green.
  31. I grow my own vegetables
  32. I have never dated a red head.
  33. Believe manners cost nothing.
  34. I have never taken illegal drugs
  35. I prefer rugby over football.
  36. I don’t like telling people what o do for a living.
  37. Thunder cats was my favourite cartoon as a child
  38. I can roll my tongue
  39. Not a fan of contact lenses.
  40. I would like to return to the the lake district
  41. I don’t like the taste of alcohol
  42. I remember only one of my grandparents
  43. I have slept naked from the age of 14
  44. I like to make things
  45. I like spanking Sweetgirl
  46. I have never flown on a commercial aeroplane
  47. I remember the first time I saw Sweetgirl.
  48. I want to have my DNA tested
  49. I like lemon meringue
  50. I LOVE SWEETGIRL – and I will finish with my favorite image of her…..

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