Waiting room

I am sitting in the waiting room watching the clock.  You are late.  Very late.  I have a book in my hand and I have tried reading it, but the words do not sink in.  They run around the page, skittering here and there, too fast for my eyes to follow.  I gave up trying hours ago.  Now I am just watching the clock.

And that thing just doesn’t want to move.

You fucked me yesterday, and my pussy is aching from it.  Your clone fucked my cunt, your cock fucked my mouth.  I was your slut.  You used the wand and I cried out over and over.  You asked if I wanted you to stop and I told you no. Don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop…… over and over again.  When you decided you wanted to come you left your clone inside me, and pushed your cock in my cunt too, stretching me, filling me.  You came quickly.

Now I am sitting here in this waiting room, and I am terrified it is the last time I will feel you, touch you.

I look at that damn clock again.  My phone buzzes.  There is an alert.  You are back from theatre.  The clock starts ticking again and I breathe.  I won’t be sat in this waiting room for long, we will soon be going home.


Sweetgirl x

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