I hit the wall

I overdid it.  I do it whenever I feel a little better, and yesterday I felt a little better.  So when my friend who has been giving me a lift home from work asked if I minded nipping to Sainsbury’s with her I said no.  I even decided to walk around with her, leaning on the trolly for support.  But, I did too much and this morning I hit the wall.


I arrived at work and I was close to tears.  They all noticed.  At 12 Mr H came to pick me up and brought me home.  Morphine taken I tried to look into a fix for the one thing on my blog that is bugging me, a way to fill the empty space under the posts themselves because the side menu is so long.

I can’t seem to find a solution and I really don’t want to change my theme because I like it.  It is also possible that I can’t concentrate because you know, I hit the wall.


At least today is Friday.  I have 2 days to rest.  But that means I am unlikely to get a good fucking because Mr H will insist I rest.  And. I want a damn good fucking.


Sweetgirl x

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13 Replies to “I hit the wall”

  1. Yikes. While my pain hasn’t been as bad as yours, I do understand what it is like to overdo it and then pay later. (I made the mistake of sweeping yesterday–just sweeping!–and my back has screamed at me all day. I can’t imagine what it is like with pain on the scale of yours.)
    Maybe you can convince MrH that a good fucking would help you rest and recuperate? It sometimes works for me. 😉

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