#12daysofsexmas Day 12

I did it, I got to the end, it’s day 12 of the 12daysofsexmas.  While I have used the image I have selected today before, This is one I like a lot.  I love everything about it, and I know MrH does too as it is similar to the recreation of one of the first sexy images I ever sent to him over 10 years ago.  So, here we are, it is the 5th of January 2020. It is time to take down all the Christmas decorations (if you put them up) and move forward into the new year and all the adventures that await.  I hope you liked the 12 images I have shared for the 12daysofsexmas 2019-2020.


Sweetgirl x


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There are alternative edits of this image in the gallery.

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