Sweetgirl’s Weekly Shares 14th December 2019

It turns out that the newsletter program I have been using does not keep an archive.  Each week when I have issued a new one it has overwritten the last one.  So I now have 6 SOSS newsletters all with the same content, and I am cross.  I liked that I could link a few posts easily.  I liked the look.  But I don’t want to not have the old SOSS Newsletters to look back on.  So, I have gone back to the drawing board!  Anyway here it is my SOSS 14th December 2019. I also want to say thank you to Marie Rebel for sharing my post A Dirty Treat in her SOSS.

This week’s favourite posts

I am thinking of taking part in Sassy’s 12 Days of Christmas, I just need to find some props and then get MrH to help me take some photos.  I am sharing her post in the hope you will also consider joining in the fun.

Sassy's 12 Days of Sexmas


Purplesole and Gem write some great posts and their blog is about real life, they share when things don’t go to plan in this post.  I like blogs like theirs.  I think it is important to share when things don’t go as well as you would like, so that people new to the lifestyle understand it isn’t all hot sex and perfect dominance,

It Doesn’t Always Go to Plan

I want to share Submissy’s Advent Calendar 2019  and if you haven’t seen them or read them you can click the Image or link text.  Submissy was the first blogger I ever followed.  I read all her posts and joined The SafeworD/s Club she and her husband and Dominant run.  There are two scheduled chats a week and they are great fun!



Favourite Image from Sinful Sunday

I loved this image by Steeled Snake because it reminded me of my childhood.  We had real fires in all the homes I lived in until the age of 8, and in winter I would get up and run downstairs as quickly as possible to sit in front of the fire.  We would make toast or cook crumpets on a toasting fork and I learned to make a fire at an early age.  To this day if I could build my dream home it would have a real fire in the living room and the bedroom, the sound of a fire, the flickering flames, the warmth they generate, is soothing and relaxing, and I would love nothing more than to be able to do all our kinky things in front of and by the light of a fire.

Favourite Lingerie is for Everyone Image

I loved this image by Brigit Delaney.  It is simple and beautiful.  I have often said my boobs are my favourite feature, and I have used my cleavage a few times in my life to get my own way.  Here is a link to one of my favourite boob pictures.

I hope you like the posts I have shared in my SOSS for the week ending 14th December 2019.  My posts for this week were A Whole Library for Sinful Sunday,  Recognition, validation and Giving Thanks about blogging, Old school for Wicked Wednesday, Tell Me About: Control for Tell Me About, Black Lace for Lingerie is for Everyone, Punishment and Rewards for Sex Bloggers 4 Mental Health, Bucket List or Wish List for Food 4 Thought and Friday Night Fun because it was.



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