Held Prisoner

The Sinful Sunday prompt for the month of December is the letter ‘H‘. Of course there are a few things you could pick for the letter H, but I want to focus on hands.  I mean it is now December so there is holiday, happy, ho-ho-ho…. and what do I pick, hands.  I love it when MrH pins my arms above my head with a hand.  I love how he can hold both of mine in one of his, and I am held prisoner.  Of course I had to ask for his help because, you know, his hands were necessary.

We did two different poses, and then I edited them.  I love this one but I also like the second edit and so I have included it below.  I have also done hands before for Sinful Sunday, and you can see that here, as well as writing about how this act forms a big part of my fantasies.


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28 Replies to “Held Prisoner”

    1. Thank you 😊😊 It’s my favourite too, but I like the other as well because the light effect makes me think you could be seeing it through a window.. peeking in if you know what I mean?

  1. I’m with you on the hands thing. Might be one of my fetishes 😉 I love the first image as it shows the power behind his grip and your submission to him. ❤️

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