Making things easier

I’ve mentioned before that there are things that can be done to make things easier for me.  Adaptations to the house and our environment, and I am having an assessment done in a few weeks.   In the mean time we have made a few purchases that we think just can’t wait.

We have purchased some raisers to make the bed higher.  Now when I get out of bed I am already standing.  Please forgive the clutter.

Not the prettiest things in the world, but they serve a purpose.

We have also installed some adaptations of a technological nature, a smart plug and lightbulb.  I can now turn the tv and light off and on in our bedroom using our Alexa device or our phone. I just say, Alexa, turn the bedroom tv off and she says ok.  I don’t have to bend down to the plug socket, or get out of bed.  It is pretty cool.

The lightbulb has different colours, adjustable brightness, and is also controllable by our Alexa.

The bed is now also a better height for play! An added bonus you say? I agree.

When bent over my hips are now supported by the bed, and my legs comfortable.  MrH will not need to bend in order to play with me, if I am layed on the bed if he positions me at one side rather than in the middle.

I am hoping that this will make for some excellent fun 😊

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