Come for me

Over the last few years I have found I do not get the same satisfaction from masturbating that I once did.  I can still orgasm but it isn’t the type of orgasm that leaves me feeling satisfied, but feels unfinished.

I have talked about orgasms before and the different types I experience. There are exceptions, the Doxy can push me to a satisfying deep orgasm but mostly during masturbation I experience clitoral orgasms that do not leave me feeling any real release.

For that, for the type of orgasm that leaves me feeling spent, done, relaxed, light, (you get the picture) MrH needs to be involved, I need to feel his orgasm, I need his hands, on me, in me, I need my mind to be as fucked as my body.

While some may see this as a bad thing, I do not.  I believe this is simply linked to our Dynamic and it is a result of my submission to him.  I need to come for him.

I do not know if masturbating while he is in the room watching would have the same result as solo masturbation as it isn’t something we have done much of, but when MrH last had me do so during one of our hotel stays the orgasm was quite satisfying, I believe that is was because he was talking during the experience, calling my attention to him, his presence and his enjoyment.

The downside to this change is that when I am horny I need MrH.  I can ask to get a toy out and masturbate and MrH may grant permission but the orgasm only takes the edge off, so to speak.  He may instruct me to get a toy out and masturbate and it does not reduce my need, perhaps because my need is more mental than physical, rooted in my desire to be dominated and without that it isn’t as fulfilling.


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