Everything changes back

In September I wrote about how S2 had left home in my post “Everything’s Changing” and I have since written about how MrH and I have found it hard to adjust to him being gone.  Well it’s a good job we didn’t get used to it because he is coming home.

MrH is picking him up today while I am at work.

I know I sound a little disappointed, and I am; I am disappointed for him that it didn’t work out, because I know he will see this as a personal failure and not that it was probably a bad idea in the first place.

MrH and I are glad we hadn’t turned his room into our play den as it would have not only been a waste of time but also money…

On a plus note, the home assessment is booked for the 13th of December so I should get some of the items I talked about in my post Opening Doors and my PIP application form has been recieved… I should get an appointment to attend a medical assessment in the next 3 months.


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  1. I’m sorry to hear that it didn’t work out for him, but I think he succeeded in acknowledging this and coming home, rather than staying where he is and pretending that it might be ok, when it’s in fact not, which inevitably would make anyone unhappy. Most people aren’t able to acknowledge that maybe taking that step back, which will feel like failure, is the right thing to do. I hope he will be able to see that too one day!

    (I had to chuckle slightly at the idea that you might have changed his room into your play den. Imagine S2 coming home to that!)

  2. We all want our kids to do well. But sometimes the journey is filled with steps forward and backward. This is part of the learning curve. I hope you can convince him hat this wasn’t failure but rather a learning experience that will stand him in good stead at some point in the future.
    Meanwhile, you can imagine his room as a play space.
    My kids still come home every once in awhile. And they want to sleep in their rooms. So if we did anything to their rooms, it would immediately become evident.

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