Sizzin Saturday 10 November 2019

Nora’s Sizzlin Saturday writing prompt is back!  It is odd as I have literally just updated the old posts for weeks 1-4 as part of updating my blogs SEO and images…  So thanks Nora and here are my answers….

  1. What is the sexiest thing your partner can say to you?

Choosing just one thing is really hard.  I mean there are so many things that he can say that I find sexy.  ‘You are mine,’ is one, ‘You make me so hard’ is another, ‘That feels so good,’ but the top one is probably, ‘I want to fuck you’.

2. What is one of your soft limits… something you might like to explore, but haven’t found the courage to yet?

Playing in public.  I have written about this a before but so far we haven’t done it.

3. What are your thoughts on anal sex?

I love it!  MrH reserves it for a special treat like the time he used every hole to first double then triple penetrate me.  I have written in more detail about my love of anal sex here.

4. Describe an erotic moment that sticks out in your mind….

Hmmm, MrH turns me around so I am facing away from him, and pushes me against the wall.  He takes my hands in one of his above my head to hold me in place and with the other he moves my hair away from my neck.  He doesn’t kiss me, he grazes my skin with his stubble, and I can feel his breath.  The anticipation of his touch is intoxicating, it always turns me on.

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