Orgasmic flush

MrH decided tonight we would play.Β  I got ready, shaved and so on, only to find out when MrH came upstairs that he had planned to shave me.

I felt bad that I had spoiled his plans, but excited that he still planned to play.Β  We watched TV for a while then MrH started to get things ready.Β  I will write about it another time, because Sinful Sunday is all about the image, and here is mine for this week.

After I orgasm I always have a flush to my chest, and today I managed to capture it before it fully faded.

To see who else is sinning this week click the image above.

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    1. Thank you… it wasn’t the image I planned to share but changed my mind and decided to share this instead… I thought it fit with the faking it post I did. As the flush is one thing I can’t fake 😊😊

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