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October 2019

Bloody Useless

This morning when I got up, I was so tired and in so much pain I cried.  Can you imagine that? You open your eyes and as soon as you move pain hits you. Chronic pain, the pain I have, is I think something very few people fully understand. Understanding Chronic Pain. “Have you taken some pain killers?” and “We all have back ache sometimes.” Yes, I have actually heard these sentences.  My mum is one of the worst offenders.  She resides deep in the “pull yourself together and get on with it” camp.  She has no idea how hard

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Do as you are told

“I think it’s time you sucked my penis” MrH said.  He had turned the TV off and was laid naked on the bed.  I moved towards him and paused I did want to suck his cock but I was still wearing my day collar. “Are you going to do my collar first?” I asked. “I think you should do as you’re told,” he replied firmly, “and suck my penis.” Dominance I moved to a comfortable position, I fidgeted a little.  I was taken back, he didn’t usually tell me off like that, I mean I know it doesn’t seem like

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We have a lot to talk about

Every Wednesday night Mr H and I don’t watch TV we talk. I might have a list of things I want to talk about, or we may just talk about our week.  It is simply one evening where the focus is on us and our relationship. On Wednesday morning before I went to work, I made a comment regarding the day and it being chat night, and Mr H responded, “yes it is and we have a lot to talk about.” I spent all day (when I wasn’t consumed by payroll and all the other crap I am dealing with

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Paloqueth Clit Sucker – Review

When the lovely Maria from Paloqueth contacted me to ask if I could review the Clit Sucker I was happy to agree.  The satisfyer Hi Fashion is nice and I decided it would be interesting to compare this to the Paloqueth creation, especially as there is a huge difference in cost and Paloqueth’s other items have been very nice. Paloqueth packaging This is probably going to be the fastest review I ever do, as when it arrived earlier this evening, I had just obtained permission from MrH to get a toy out while he was visiting his mother.  I ripped

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Tell Me About: Anal

I admit I love anal sex.  It puts me into a mental place that I love but for various reasons it isn’t something we do often.  Probably because of that it remains something that is very effective in putting me into a submissive space. Overpower Me There is something quite primal and Dominant about anal sex.  The possibility for pain, the resistance of the body against intrusion, the need to actively surrender to his possession is something which I find highly erotic, and that’s before you add the physical pleasure. I love to feel how Mr H is physically stronger

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Chronic pain

Caudal Epidural

Today I had an appointment at the hospital to discuss the next plan for pain relief. For once we were in and out quickly, the consultant asked a couple of questions and then said he thinks a caudal epidural is the next thing to try as the pain is being transmitted down my legs in the sciatic nerves. Raising questions. It didn’t occur to me until we left but one of the questions he asked was about the MRI that they did in March and what the Drs said when I was hospitalised. “Did they offer you any surgical treatment?”

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Kiss me

When Mr H kisses me, deliberately, thoughtfully, I go weak at the knees.  Sometimes we exchange the familiar daily kiss, and they have their own magic, but when he takes his time, hmmm those are the special erotic ones. The way he makes me feel. Sometimes, he will stroke my face, taking my chin in his fingers and tipping my face to his. Beginning gently, becoming stronger and deeper.  His hands moving down my body to hold me tight.  I usually sway against him, clinging to his shoulders, trying to make the kiss last. When he pushes me back against a

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