Taking Turns – MrH goes to Hospital

MrH is in hospital, he has kidney stones causing problems again.  They have been causing problems for a few days and today it got too much.   He came home from work, and phoned me.  Several times.

I had my phone on silent.  It’s only my second day at my new job and I always have my phone on silent.  In the end he phoned the office, to ask me to drive him to the hospital.

I couldn’t stay with him, for one because he wouldn’t let me and secondly because my back won’t let me.  I can’t risk being unfit for work, or taking a step backwards, when I’m starting to feel a little better.

So, I went back to work.

I worked a little later to make up the time I was out of the office. MrH updated me throughout the day, and let me know that they have decided to keep him in overnight.

After work I went to get the things he had asked me to bring, crisps, chocolate, biscuits, charger, tablet and clean underwear.   I arrived at the supermarket to discover I didn’t have my purse.  Back home I went.  Purse obtained, I went back to the supermarket and purchased the items, before heading to the hospital.

During this time MrH had been moved to a ward.

I parked up, and walked to the hospital.   No mean feat. I had to keep stopping to catch my breath, but eventually I got there.  I waited for the ward sister to have a moment and asked where my husband was.  Turns out he wasn’t on the ward he thought.   I headed next door to find the ward closed to visitors.

I swear I could have cried. I needed to sit down.  A nurse did bring me a chair but she was prepared to send me all the way back to the main entrance, until I said I couldn’t.  I was facing an hour wait on a plastic chair.

Another nurse saw me and I asked if she could at least take the bag to him, I had no phone signal to let him know that I was there, so I figured if he got the bag he would know.  She agreed.

A few minutes later, MrH came to the door.  Hooked up to an IV for fluids, but looking a bit better than when I dropped him off.  He told me to go home, and after a bit of complaining, I agreed.   Hugs and kisses and I left.

It broke my heart leaving him. I’m home and I miss him so much.






34 Replies to “Taking Turns – MrH goes to Hospital”

  1. Gosh you have had a bad run! Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Kidney stones can be very painful. Rex used to get uti.all the time for some reason. Now none. Bless you both
    Naomi and Rex

  2. Here is to a speedy recovery! Seems like as soon as one thing begins to clear up, you get slammed with something else. Jeez. Hopefully things will improve from here.

  3. I’m playing catch up sweet bit I’m sorry to read this, are you both ok? Wishing Mr H a good and quick recovery and that you can rest up soon and get some relief x

  4. Sorry to read that MrH has been unwell. It must have been so hard for both of you. I hope that he is home again now and recovering well 😊

  5. Kidney stones are horrible. Hopefully they’ll operate and remove them soon. It’s not exactly pleasant, but way better than passing them. Had eight removed two years ago, over five procedures. Hugs to you both.

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