The magic cane

Wednesday night is our cane night, and I had asked MrH to test the new Doxy wand to make sure it worked.  I wasn’t sure which one MrH would do.  Turned out he decided to do both.

Orgasmic cane play

Placing the wand between my legs, I was face down, he adjusted it until it was in a good position.   Turning it on, the Doxy began purring away against my clit and he began striking me with his cane.   My body reacted to the wand as the vibrations reverberated through me, and it didn’t take long for me to be close to orgasm. MrH increased the intensity and continued with the cane as the first orgasm hit me.

I have to admit it was a strange experience.  I’ve not had to process the two different sensations and the wands vibrations combined with the cane felt amazing.  The orgasms came (pardon the pun) one after the other, and the experience was topped off perfectly when MrH ended play by fucking me.

I think MrH will probably do this again.  He certainly seemed to enjoy it (as evidenced by the rock hard cock that he thrust into me) and I would happily repeat the experience!!!!!!

Tweaks for the future

The doxy wand did keep moving, so I think MrH might utilise his ropes to create a harness of some sort to hold it in place, but other than that it worked really well.

When my back has settled down he could also use the under bed restraints to keep my legs and arms in a fixed position… come to think of it, that’s something he could do just for a normal cane session 🤔

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Favourite toys

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