Tell Me About: Anal

I admit I love anal sex.  It puts me into a mental place that I love but for various reasons it isn’t something we do often.  Probably because of that it remains something that is very effective in putting me into a submissive space.

Overpower Me

There is something quite primal and Dominant about anal sex.  The possibility for pain, the resistance of the body against intrusion, the need to actively surrender to his possession is something which I find highly erotic, and that’s before you add the physical pleasure.

I love to feel how MrH is physically stronger than me.  How I am powerless, and unable to resist.


MrH prefers me to be clean for anal play, and so I am usually instructed to prepare when he has this in mind.  I’m not talking about a full on enema, but I have an anal bulb which i will use to “rinse” myself with.  This also acts as a trigger to  a deeper submissive headspace.

That isn’t to say there isn’t impromptu anal play and when this happens it is especially delightful.

Most of our play is spontaneous and MrH finds that the preparation required for anal inhibiting.  Making sure he has lube, gloves, condoms, separate towels out for the used “dirty” items/toys, interrupts the organic flow and because of this it doesn’t happen as often as it perhaps could.

The Bottom Line

Given our new freedom it may be that this becomes a more frequent act.   We can keep items more readily accessible because we don’t have anyone else in the house.  Whatever happens in the future I know anal will feature in our play every now and then.

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8 Replies to “Tell Me About: Anal”

  1. Totally get the submissive headspace with anal. There’s just something about it’s somewhat forbidden nature that taps into it (for me anyway 😂) Echoing PS, here’s to more anal adventures for us to read! Xx

  2. Like the others, I can really relate to how deeply anal can push me regarding m submissive headspace and having to surrender to a different level than in other play. I’m glad that you’re new space and freedom will give you more opportunities and hope that you can both make good use of that when you want to.

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