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So, ok maybe this seems silly, but I solved the mobile site issue. It was jetpack… a plug in… it has it’s own mobile site setting and when this is selected it overwrites the themes own mobile settings!  So, one Google search, and a check through the settings, un-tick one box and ta-da!!!

I need to do a happy dance and stuff but well I don’t have the energy. I am out of bed today, so, there’s that too, and I did manage to do a couple of posts, this cold was a doozy!

I didn’t get offered the job that I interviewed for on Thursday, but that’s ok, something will come up.

Monday I am back at the hospital, time to research epidural pain procedures.

S2 has gone back home, and man that was hard.  We both found it upsetting (MrH and I) more so than when we dropped him off for the first time.  He has gone home on the train and well, it goes to show how much we miss him I guess.  He has this time taken a key with him, and MrH has commented that this means he will have to “put things away” as he can come home and get into the house, which did make me smile.

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