Mobile Site Mayhem

I have been playing with website development.  Changing the font and text colour.  Personalising the colours and appearance and for the most part it has been fun.  BUT… on the other hand it has been very frustrating.  For the life of me I can’t get the site to look right on my mobile phone.

It should look like this:

Only for me it looks like this:

I can’t get rid of the purple border!  The Site title and page title are black instead of the new colour and it is driving me nuts!!!

Anyway, hopefully as some point I will be able to work out WHY it is not working for me and fix it, in the mean time I need to put this away, as although I am feeling a little better today I can feel myself getting very frustrated and not in a good way.  So for now, I am going to call a halt to my website development, and head for a shower!


8 Replies to “Mobile Site Mayhem”

    1. The fact is that I love the look of the full site and then I look at the mobile rendering and think yeah that looks good… hit publish… check on my phone and yuck still the same!!

  1. I’ve done some things on my desktop that don’t show on my phone at all. I go back to the desktop and the changes are there, but somehow they don’t make it to my phone. I’ve just decided to accept it. lol
    That fellow to whom you suggested I contact about hosting my own site—does he have an email address I could use to contact him? Rather than put it here, you could email me on my site.

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