Kiss me

I love to be kissed.  When MrH kisses me, deliberately, thoughtfully, I go weak at the knees.  Sometimes we exchange the familiar daily kisses, and they have their own magic, but when he takes his time, hmmm those are special.

When He Kisses Me

Sometimes, he will stroke my face, taking my chin in his fingers and tipping my face to kiss me.  A gentle kiss that becomes stronger, deeper.  His hands moving down my body to hold me tight.  I usually sway against him, clinging to his shoulders, trying to make the kiss last.

When he pushes me back against a wall, holding both of my hands in one of his, he makes me feel small, and helpless, which I love.  Those kisses he teases me with, usually brushing his lips on my jaw line, or my neck, before kissing me roughly.  When he is done with me, I will be breathless and very turned on.

More Kissing I Say

We don’t kiss as much as I would like, but then I admit to being greedy when it comes to physical contact.  I remember the early months of our relationship when we would sit and kiss for ages.  When we started D/s we kissed more in the beginning, but as with all things that dwindled, and normality returned to some degree.

One thing MrH doesn’t do is public displays of affection.  He has kissed me a few times when we have been out walking, but only when he knows no-one can see us.  The only time people have seen us kiss was at our wedding, and perhaps hospital staff when he has visited me in hospital.

I do love kisses tho and MrH knows he can, and he does, kiss me when ever and where ever he wants.

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