A visit from “a cold”

MrH was ill last weekend. Now I’m ill, I have a cold. I’m not good when I am ill. I’m a whinge bag. I hide under the covers and feel sorry for myself. I accept this. Thankfully MrH finds me cute and amusing rather than pathetic and annoying.

I get behind reading your blogs, because my eyes are watery.  Still I do try to, and then I get frustrated.  I want to join in the prompts but my mind isn’t functioning properly.

To top it off I am still job hunting.  I didn’t get the jobs that I interviewed for last week but I am not bothered .  I didn’t get the “I’d like to work here vibe” from either.  I had an interview today, and I could see myself working there, so please keep your fingers crossed for me.

I did spend the best part of today in my pj’s and in bed, but I have to go into work tomorrow, it’s my assistants last day.  I’m supposed to be in a finance meeting at 8:30 and I’m obviously not prepared as I wasn’t in today. Then again perhaps I can hope they don’t want me in there to give them this cold.  I don’t usually like passing them on, but then again I don’t want them to stay with me either, it’s bad enough when they visit for a few days.  Having said that, right now, I’d happily give this to the director who is making me so very unhappy…

For those of you that aren’t suffering from a cold, some of the prompts this week are:

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    1. Unfortunately not yet… I went into work and they told me to leave…. but I did get to see my friend on her last day. Then back home and into bed. 😊🤒😷🤧

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