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October 2019

kidney stones

Taking Turns – MrH goes to Hospital

Mr H is in hospital, he has kidney stones causing problems again.  They have been causing problems for a few days and today it got too much.   He came home from work, and phoned me.  Several times. I had my phone on silent.  It’s only my second day at my new job and I always have my phone on silent.  In the end he phoned the office, to ask me to drive him to the hospital. I couldn’t stay with him, for one because he wouldn’t let me and secondly because my back won’t let me.  I can’t risk being

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Don’t look back in anger

This song has had a lot of coverage in the last couple of years.  After the Manchester Arena bombing it was sung over and over in tribute to those who died and as a reminder that the people of Manchester would not be beaten by acts of terrorism.  It isn’t really a favourite of mine.  I haven’t really been an oasis fan ever but when I saw this weeks prompt for food4thought I wasn’t sure what to write and this this morning as I was reading through posts from the people I follow inspiration hit me, I chose not to

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Tell Me About: Scenes

My dear friend and fellow submissive wife Submissy wrote an excellent post about what constitutes a scene and where the terminology comes from, and so I don’t want to repeat the same information, she expresses this so well I would prefer to direct you to her post.  Instead I am going to focus on my experiences of scenes with Mr H. Our time constraints mean our scenes do not last for hours at a time, in fact I’ve never timed them so I couldn’t say for sure and when we play I am not exactly watching the clock… We have

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Opening Doors

With the crutches being used again to help me get about, Mr H has been opening doors and closing them, when we have had to go out.  As he pointed out, I’ve been wanting him to open and close the car doors like this for a while, so I’m enjoying it immensely.  I wait in the car for him to walk around and open the door.  He offers me his hand and helps me out.  I’d like to say it looks elegant but the reality is I huff and grunt in pain as I try to manoeuvre my body out

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Happy birthday to Me

Today is my birthday, and I am 45 years old.  I don’t generally celebrate my birthday, I’ve had so many disappointing birthdays where people I thought were friends cancelled plans with me that I learned to protect myself by not making any. 21st birthday Take my 21st birthday, at the time I had only 1 close friend, and we had planned to go out for a night of dancing.  The day before she told me she couldn’t make it, I can’t remember the excuse she gave me but I was gutted.  I went to visit my dad in Yorkshire and

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Memory lane

My dad passed away suddenly in 2003, from a massive heart attack, and I know I’ve talked about this before but, about a year or so after he passed I woke up from a vivid dream, sobbing.  Now I don’t know if you or even if I believe it’s possible that loved ones who have died can come and visit you in your dreams, but that night, well you decide…… I was dancing with my dad, like I did when I was little,  standing on his feet.  He didn’t speak to me, he just held me and danced. I don’t

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submissive wife

So you want to be a submissive wife?

Did you read or watch 50 shades and think that’s hot?  Has your husband patted you on the bottom and you thought I would like more of that? Let me tell you now, in real life being a submissive wife (or partner) is not like the books or movies, it is much, much better. Most of the couples I have interacted with all seem to start the same way, the potential submissive wife has broached the subject with their partner. You can read about the start of my journey by clicking here and so I won’t go into it too

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I’ve had many awkward moments in my life, and not all of them linked to kink, in fact most of them come from my vanilla life. Kids. There was the time T walked into the bedroom carrying a very large kitchen knife and an apple (he was 3).  Mr H and I were having sex, and he wanted the apple peeled. Mr H calmly peeled the apple and T went back downstairs to watch his movie. Then there was the time when T was about 13 and he told a room full of people that he thought I had planned

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Making Memories

Mr H likes making things, although he is never fully satisfied with the outcome I think the things he creates are beautiful.  Within a Kink context, MrH has made me collars, jewelry, accessories and he has made himself impact toys. When he starts a new project he gets out his crafts box, working away and concentrating.  I can see the calm enjoyment settle over him and the happiness when the project is done.  He has made things with paracord and chainmaille (aluminium and Sterling silver). Paracord He made my first sleep collar in December 2017, using paracord.  This collar was primarily

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Well that was fun

This morning I woke up and the pain I wrote about yesterday was worse.  Still I tried to get up.  Mr H helped me get dressed.  It took me 45 minutes to accept I was not going to work.  Instead Mr H drove me to the hospital. I have written about the issues at work before.  Last March when I was in hospital for 2 days and off work a total of 6 days, I received a number of unsupportive messages, mainly how it was just “not good enough” and “inconvenient” to the business.  So the idea of telling them I

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