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September 2019

Paloqueth Under Bed Restraints – Guest Review

A Guest Review By Purplesole & LittleGem Paloqueth have been kind and generous in asking me to review their products, and when they sent me the vibrating cock ring I also received a set of under bed restraints. MrH and I already have a set and so I asked PurpleSole and LittleGem if they had any.  When he said not at the moment I asked if he would consider doing a review of these for me.  I was thrilled when they agreed. Relatively new to the blogging world they have become among my favourite bloggers.  Their writing is real, open and

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50 Shades of Grey

The Fifty Shades trilogy did a lot to bring kink into the mainstream media and probably into a significant amount of relationships too.  I have read the first book and yes the kink scenes were delightful and turned me on, but I actually found it a dreadful book to read. I started to read the second book and gave up.  Most people are aware that it started life as Fan Fiction; E L James is a huge fan of Twilight, but the similarities between the characters and the story just bugged the life out of me, and that was before

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Don’t tell me

I have depressive illness. At the moment it is controlled by medication and careful management of what I do. I have to be careful not to take on too much, or to commit to too much. When I do I inevitably crash and burn. What I have found in the 14 years that I have lived with my illness is that people who haven’t experienced depression or seen someone close to them experience it, have absolutely no idea how to deal with it, or how to treat people suffering from it. All too often it is still considered to be

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Pain has become an old friend to me, it’s the kind of friend that sucks you dry, takes your energy and leaves you feeling like crap.  Yes pain and I are well acquainted. I have written about my friend before, many times.  How it has impacted our sex lives and my life in general.  I’ve talked about the Medial branch nerve block – test procedure, the actual procedures, and after a few months pain free, the eventual its return. Chronic Pain. Since 2008 my life has been controlled my pain.  Should we go for a walk? Depends on the terrain, the distance and how

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Sex reconnects us

I feel like there hasn’t been much sex in my blog lately. Well I know there hasn’t. Our fabulous life that I imagined when the children had flown the nest hasn’t materialised yet, in fact, our dynamic feels like it is in need of a kick up the arse. In many ways I have not felt this distant from myself, my submission and Mr H in quite some time. Play time. We haven’t had a good reset in Months. One thing or another has meant we haven’t been to our hotel since April and boy is it noticable. Night time

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Tell Me About: Consent

Consent in D/s relationships is essential.  When a couple first begins this type of relationship it begins with communication.  Communicating their interests and desires, their likes and dislikes, what they are willing to try and what they are not; consent is formed through these discussions. When Mr H and I began this journey I asked him to consider ‘doing that’ to me.  The ‘that’ I referred to was a scene from Fifty Shades of Gray, in all honesty I forget which one, but the point is in that moment I gave Mr H consent to try it. Implied Consent? As

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Shadow of you.

She slipped silently into the room, careful not to wake him. He slept soundly, on his side of the bed, and she carefully slid between the covers. He shivered slightly and pulled the covers back over his shoulder where they had slipped down as she had got in, but he didn’t wake. She put her head on the soft pillows and closed her eyes listening to his deep even breathing. Did he know how much she loved him? The night passed, and as the sun started to rise, he rolled onto his back. She slid under the covers, his cock

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hard spank

Spank Me Hard

In my last post  Rescue Me I said I had wanted to ask Mr H to spank me 10 times as hard as he could but I chickened out.  Of course putting it in my post meant I could bring it up for discussion, without saying it out loud (a tactic I use when I am particularly embarrassed or ashamed of my requests). When we did discuss it, Mr H responded that he just wasn’t sure. Then later, after his bath, he asked “So, you want me to smack you 5 times as hard as I can?” I frowned, “I

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Satisfyer Air Pulse Vibrators

Satisfyer Air Pulse Vibrator reviews

I decided to review all three Satisfyer Air Pulse Vibrator Toys together as they are part of the same range, and therefore similar.  If you want to see more information on the range or specific toy, click HERE to visit the Satisfyer UK website. Air Pulse Pro 2. The Air Pluse Pro 2 is rose coloured, has an angled head, uses magnetic charging and is fully waterproof.  The body feels light and plasticky, and the vibrating head feels quite hard.  That said the handle is shaped and fits nicely into the hand.  The power buttons are well defined and Mr

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changing plans

Best Laid Plans

Our plans for this week originally began with 2 nights away at our favourite hotel. Those two nights would have been filled with sex and rope and impact play. We would have dined in the restaurant, loved each other and laughed in a bubble. Instead we moved T and J into their new home and the hotel has been cancelled. Best laid plans. We focused on the following week. Making plans to get our playroom set up and painted. We could play and have a fucking fabulous time. Wrong again. Monday morning the council decided to sort out the rising

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