Party in my panties

“Any plans for tonight?” I asked. He knew what I meant.

“I might give you a little penis in vagina action,” he said.

“Ok,” I replied.

“Unless you’re too tired?” He queried.

“I’m never too tired for that.” That wasn’t strictly true I mean there are times when I’m exhausted but you know what I mean…

“I thought I would get a more enthusiastic response,” he said.

“I’m trying not to get excited,” I replied, “but there’s a party in my panties right now.”

“You’re not wearing panties.”

“I know,” I replied, smiling….

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10 Replies to “Party in my panties”

  1. Aw geez!! Your panties are having a party and you’re not there??!! Seems such a shame. But it is so hot to know someone isn’t wearing panties while out and about—particularly if they are in a dress or skirt!!

    1. I must confess I picked that picture for the post but it is from about a year ago… and I was wearing panties lol but it is easy to assume that I am not from the poses… In reality during the conversation, I was in my comfy pyjamas…. definitely not sexy lol 😂

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