Sweet dreams

I woke up this morning horny as hell after having the a very naughty dream. MrH was sitting on a chair outside somewhere, I don’t know where and it isn’t important. He beckoned me over and told me to strip. When I hesitated he picked up a knife and cut the clothes of me.

He hasn’t been naked before this but when I looked at him now he was. His cock was hard and he pulled me over to the chair. He sat me on his cock and I hid my face on his shoulder aware there were people around although I couldn’t see or hear them. He moved me on him and I felt something press against my arse, I squirmed, panicked it was another man, but he told me to relax it was his new toy.

I didn’t realise it but he had bought a dildo that he attached to his cock allowing him to double penetrate me without using his hands.

He moved me up and down on his cocks until I …. woke up 😡

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