Everybody needs somebody

A young lady who is S1’s friend took an overdose three nights ago. Fortunately she’s ok, but we have brought her to our home to help her recover.

When I saw this prompt I knew immediately how to respond.

Everybody needs somebody.

I know, I know, it’s a song right? I’m kinda singing it in my head right now, but it doesn’t make it any less true.

Everybody needs somebody.

This young lady felt so alone she wanted to end her life. She couldn’t turn to her parents. She felt she couldn’t tell her friends. Unfortunately she lives a 45 minute drive from our home and so S1 couldn’t just go round to her home.

Right now she is at our home and I am hoping she will stay until she feels better. I’m hoping she will let us, MrH, S1 and myself, be her somebody’s.

13 Replies to “Everybody needs somebody”

  1. It’s so sad that often the closest people to us are the last ones we can talk to. I’m full of admiration for what you’ve done for the young lady and I hope she finds her way out of the depths she’s go in to.

    To be down that far and find such support and kindness from an unexpected quarter maybe the spark of light she needs, I hope so.

    melody xx

  2. A truly kind act like that can form a lifetime bond. Years ago a good frend of mine tried to take his own life. After he got out of the hospital he stayed with me and I helped him recover and regain his self worth. He is now like a brother to me and I call him as much. When someone needs a hand, even if they dont understand what they need st the time.. it creates a bond. Keep up the good work. Your doing the right thing.

  3. Thank you for taking her in in her hour of need. That will really help her having people around her and is an incredibly kind thing to do. I hope she gets the support she needs and that she’ll begin to feel like herself again along the road to recovery πŸ’

  4. Oh well done Sweet. I did similar many years ago. A teenager from my village would not go home to her parents – long story there – and had started to sleep out. I bought her back to mine. WE ALL need help now and then. Good karma coming your way x

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