I wish I could change

What do you love most (and/or wish you could change) about your sex life as it appears today? Why do you love it (or why/how would you change it)?

I love…

I love how close we are.

I love how, over the last few years, particularly since adding D/s we have made more time for us as a couple.

I love how we I have found the courage to ask for things that turn me on, and to tell MrH what he can do or does do that gets me to orgasm.

I love that I have orgasms, many, many, many, many orgasms and that I don’t fake it anymore.

I love that MrH uses toys, like the Doxy and that he enjoys seeing me reduced to a jibbering mushy mess when I’ve had so many orgasms I can’t speak coherently.

The thing I love most though, is that MrH loves me.

I wish…

I wish we lived alone, so we could be free to do as we pleased.

I wish we could lock the door and know we could fuck loudly without worrying that S2 can hear.

I wish we had sex more, not necessarily everyday, but three or four times a week would be awesome.

I wish we could win the lottery so we could have a play room and MrH didn’t have to work.

Like I said, I wouldn’t change much 😂

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