If you had told me 2 years ago that being caned twice a week would be something I looked forward to I wouldn’t have believed you. The use of a cane started on my “Hell no” list. It took a near 3 months for it to move to the “I’d like to try” list.

I think we started on about 50 strikes. These days I get about 200. I’m sure MrH knows when the endorphins kick in and I head for subspace, as I stop flinching or reacting to the strikes.

Afterwards MrH helps me into the bed and cuddles me. I love the feeling as I float there, blissful and content. Usually I fall asleep. I asked MrH to take a couple of pictures of me yesterday, here’s the one of me floating.

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10 Replies to “After”

  1. Absolutely waited years for my first caning…..I totally blissed out and was incapable of coherent thought afterwards!

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